Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Higher Power is....

My Higher Power is.....
A vast source of energy that swirls around me
The swaying of trees in the wind
The ripples on the water
The moon rising in the sky
The sun on my shoulders
Within me and of me

I feel that energy on the trail through the forest, I feel it in the flowing river, I feel it in the night sky of scintillating stars, I feel it in the warm sunshine, a summer breeze . . . and I feel it in the loving and caring nature of other human beings.

All these things let me know that there is so much beyond the small sphere of myself.  When I am in the midst of some character defect such as self-pity and fear, I can look around me and see that there is much more to be grateful for than to whine or rail about.  Recovery has made me aware. And with awareness comes healing. 

What is your Higher Power?


  1. smiles. sounds like my HP...i usually find him in nature and in the eyes of those that are hurting...

  2. Dude, you must have read my mind.

  3. Puts each one of us into perspective for sure. Just waking up in the morning each day is not of my doing.
    Nice post, Syd. Becoming aware is a constant growing, ever changing benefit of working on recovery.

  4. Syd, what an amazing post! I got teary eyed reading it. My higher power is in everything still and hushed and in the kindness I see in people when they do things that touch the lives of people just by honouring the spirit within them. There is so much to be grateful for and what a wonderful reminder your post is.

  5. I don't really "have" a Higher Power but if I did, it would be similar to yours. I think it's all one, we are part of Whatever It Is. And somehow, love, is part of it.

  6. I can't define my HP. When I try, I give it too many limits.

  7. My HP is my rock, my strength, my joy. He is in EVERYTHING, I feel Him when I go slow enough to live with serenity, wisdom and courage.

    How can one not acknowledge a HP when they hear the laugh of a child, feel the wind against our skin or hear it through the trees.

  8. Nice picture. It looks like one of my favorite places.

  9. Awesome post, as always.

    I finally gave up on defining my HP. I'm so incredibly OCD that in trying to figure out exactly what my HP was I was just feeding more character defects and blocking myself from he/she/it.
    I realize the same goes for Love. So in that sense Love is my HP. Or my HP is Love.

  10. Great post. There is so much around us that shows us how much more there is than what we can imagine/conceive.

  11. Thank you so much. I am smack dab in the center of the "bible belt" and, although I have a Higher Power very similar to yours, I often feel like an oddity in our AA meetings here.
    Actually my HP consists of all the unexplainable things that make up our universe ... not a "he", "she" or "it". I feel my HP in my gut & find it impossible to describe with mere words.

  12. My HP revealed his/her/itself to me in the sunshine today & in the gratitude in my heart for every step of the way.

  13. Amen Syd, there is so much more to be grateful for. I'm reading a book called "One Thousand Gifts" and it is just life changing for me. The author also has a blog:

    She has so many words of wisdom and she delivers them in a gentle, peaceful way, so much like you do.

    We appreciate you.

  14. I don't presently have a higher power. I outgrew my childhood religion and haven't replaced it (yet).

  15. Incredible photography! This has to be my favorite
    What camera do you shoot with? I have a Canon d5

  16. So beautiful. Thank you

  17. What a captivating post, Syd. I am filled with hoope because you and I share such a similar experience of a Higher Power, and you're in such good spiritual condition. This means there's hope for me yet! lol

    I connect with HP most easily in nature, but I also find Him to be abundant in the quiet of church, in the scent of the incense and the familiarity of a memorized prayer or chant. I experience HP in the warm, fragile flicker of candlelight at the tabernacle, and in the smiles in the eyes of my CCD kids. He moves me through my music and pen (or, well my latop keyboard), when I take the time to sit and really connect and allow my heart to open to Him.

    So often I experience HP through the love, the hurt, the reality of those I encounter each day. It is here that my experience with God matters most to me.

    Thanks for asking, my friend.


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