Saturday, March 12, 2011

Busy times

Well, I feel as if I have been away from the blogging mindset for a bit. In fact, I have been busy doing other things. Gardening has been one of the preoccupations. Now that spring has sprung here, the fever to get things planted has begun. So far, the garden is tilled, the beds are weeded and the potatoes are planted.  More will be revealed as the plants from the cold frame and greenhouse go into the ground.

I have also been able to get away to work on the boat.  C. is recovering nicely, walking to and from the mail box which is a bit of a walk on the property, and has been walking a couple of the dogs.  She is fixing herself some soup and sandwiches too.  All of these indicate that she is mending well, although she still has to sleep in the leather recliner because of discomfort when lying prone. 

Because of her mobility about,  I have gone to the boat for several days in a row to check on things, do some painting on the binnacle post, and a few other odds and ends.  Today the weather is pretty enough to get some varnishing done.  The morning was chilly, but it is warming to the 70's this afternoon.  Perfect weather to be outside. 

I have also been taking a marine communications class that is one of the most boring classes I have ever had.  It is being taught by an engineer who wrote the text book.  I want to know how to work the single-side band radio, but we are learning about what is in the "black box",  all the functions of the transmitter and receiver and a lot of Hz information.  I am listening and reading, but don't see much practical information coming out of this so far.  The most interesting lecture was when we had different scenarios and had to respond on the VHF radio.  There were lots of laughs over that.  However, listening to real Mayday calls was sobering, especially those in which the boat was sinking. 

I have been thinking a lot about sinking as I watched the terrible aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami yesterday.  What a powerful thing the ocean is.  I sincerely feel for those who are in need.  It is difficult to comprehend how one day all can be going along okay, and the next leaves a person questioning how to survive.  Uncertainty is what we have in so many aspects of living.  Yet, I am certain that the human will to survive will prevail. 

Well, I am off to run some errands and then head to the boat.  Hope that your Saturday is going well.


  1. i am glad you are getting some time to yourself you need that as you care for others...there is something about putting your hands to the heart is heavy for japan...

  2. I have a Southern friend who says that planting and harvesting potatos is an art ... I thought you just plopped the "eyes" in the ground and waited but she says "no". What's your take on the subject?
    So glad that C is coming along day by day. I'll bet she's anxious to get back to her meetings.

  3. Happy to hear that C is recoving well. This will be my first year of planting a "real" garden rather than just herbs. I'm a novice, but I can't wait to get out there. I loved the pics of your beds. Maybe I'll copy you.

  4. Syd, thanks for sharing your springtime with us! We're still a few weeks away from such warmth and merriment, but I will enjy yours to get me through to ours :-) mmm tilled earth, 70 degree afternoons, sun :-) won't be long now!

  5. Send some of that spring up north will ya Syd?

  6. Glad to here you are doing nice things for yourself and C is recovering nicely.


  7. It is nice to here about the garden a fresh start a new beginning. Your life in words seems calm and gentle.

  8. Yes. There we both were on the water on Saturday and I had no idea what was going on in the rest of the world, how the water in the Pacific was tearing across the land.
    Life is so odd and so terrifying sometimes.
    What can we do but plant our potatoes and hope for the best?


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