Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain falling

It has been a rainy week here. Everything has popped out from being drenched. The pollen has been washed away and the woods are green with a hundred hues. There is something magical and relaxing about these rainy days.

I am definitely planning on relaxing today. Last night, I took the marine communication systems exam. It was not particularly easy and the class was extraordinarily technical. I came away with some practical knowledge, but there was a lot of minutia that I found difficult to focus on. If I wanted to fall asleep, what I would do is start reading the book. It was a guaranteed knock out. I think that I passed the exam which is a good thing.

I decided that after this course, I am taking a long break from courses and testing. I don't know how I did it in college and graduate school. I would take 21 hours of courses and manage to make the Dean's List. Now, I am lucky to be able to make it through ten pages of text without feeling bored out of my mind (at least on this last course). Somehow, my brain is telling me that I will comprehend those things that I am interested in and all the other stuff....well, it just shuts down.

So school is out for me. I am going to enjoy giving some ecotours, take more photos, go cruising and work in the garden. I have a book that was sent to me to review. That is on a subject that interests me so it won't be a problem. Maybe I am at the age where I am not as receptive to spending time on trivia. I want to understand the practical usage of things, and not just acquire facts that don't seem to have much purpose.

Anyway, I am off to a meeting with a couple of people I sponsor and then to a regular meeting. After that, I am going to change the oil on the boat. That is practical. Recovery is practical. I am all about that.

"Why not give myself an A now, rather than waiting for someone to give me an F later?"--quote from today's meeting about being good to myself.


  1. Beautiful photo, Syd. I wouldn't go back to school for all the tea in China now. I spent most of my life in school, and now I want to study only what I want to study. Oh, and I want to watch bad reality TV.



  2. Relaxation may be the order of the day, at least here in the South where we have the rain-washed beauty you captured so perfectly in that picture.
    I'm with you on the random knowledge thing. Let the young people deal with picky little facts that have nothing to do with getting food on the table or spirit to the soul. Young people and people who care about such things.
    I'm going to go start cooking pinto beans and they will cook all day long and that makes me so happy.
    Enjoy your day, Syd. And I'm sure you passed that exam.

  3. hope you did well on the exam...and enjoy the break from school...think i might take a nap now...smiles.

  4. It rained here like crazy yesterday and I am also happy to see the pollen gone. It is fun to push yourself sometimes mentally just to see if you can still do it. Enjoy your spring day and stay dry. More rain here.

  5. Good to know we can have balance with work and relaxation in recovery - thanks for sharing that!

  6. I frequently have difficulty getting a full nights sleep. I have often thought I should get out some of the research articles I had to read in grad school. I would be asleep in five minutes :).

  7. The picture is beautiful. I miss lacy, romantic moss. I'm happy all seems to be well for you and that yet, you still exercise your mind. Good deal. I'm thinking about school, but that would be crazy right now for me. Glad I know that.

  8. love the photo. could I buy a print of it from you? it's very magical.

  9. :) Awesome photo and thoughts to start the day with. Thanks Syd!

  10. "Somehow, my brain is telling me that I will comprehend those things that I am interested in and all the other stuff....well, it just shuts down."

    Thanks for this. I have just had a very similar experience. I retired recently and am immensely happy. But I decided to do a course......

    It cost a lot of money, but my brain just shut down and refused to understand anything. It should have been well within my capacity.

    I had recurring nightmares as well which were easy to interpret as having lost my way with this course.
    I struggled through to the end and failed - I am happy again now it is over.

  11. I came to recovery late in life. I was 56 when I started the journey and am now 78. I tell you this to explain that I feel like I have started life all over and gone back to the "before society ruled me" days. It's wonderful. All that "stuff" that seems to fill up most people's lives are just not important any more.


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