Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday thoughts

After the windy day yesterday, this morning is calm. There is barely a ripple on the water. The dolphins are surfacing and rolling lazily around the boat. It's Sunday and this is my church. All is peaceful, augmented by a warm and sunny day.

On a morning like this, i have such an overwhelming feeling that all is right with the world. Of course, intellectually i know that is not the case. Someone is dying as I type this, someone is killing, stealing, hating, lost in misery, starving and on and on with the litany of the human condition. But just for this moment, my world is good. It feels like love to me.

So I thought that I'd post a few thoughts about love this morning. Some of these I heard in meetings, read online or in books.

You can't make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth.

The measure of love is when you love without measure. In life there are very rare chances that you'll meet the person you love and loves you in return. So once you have it don't ever let go, the chance might never come your way again.

It's better to lose your pride to the one you love, than to lose the one you love because of pride.

We spend too much time looking for the right person to love or finding fault with those we already love, when instead we should be perfecting the love we give.

When you truly care for someone, you don't look for faults, you don't look for answers, you don't look for mistakes. Instead, you fight the mistakes, you accept the faults, and you overlook the excuses.

Never abandon an old friend. You will never find one who can take his place. Friendship is like wine, it gets better as it grows older.

I am loving life today. Just for today, I will keep this feeling of happiness and contentment. A good Sunday wish for each of you.


  1. The part about "never abandon an old friend" made me squirm a bit. I have done that before but only when I realized (and this always takes years) that the relationship was in someway unhealthy. And so perhaps, I have pulled away knowing that.
    I reserve my energy and love for those with whom I can share my heart whole-heartedly.
    But if you are one of THOSE friends, you my friend forever.

  2. What beautiful imagery: the serene waters after yesterday's big gusts.

    You can't make someone love you. How true. I tried to do this with my borderline parent. Twisting myself into pretzels to please her, even to be her sparring partner if she needed it. All for naught.

    I am spending time becoming my own fine wine, practicing self-love first. I am the dear old friend who I must not abandon.

  3. Beautiful post this morning. Glad you are at such peace. Thank you for the reminders of true love.

  4. mmm...some great thoughtson love and friendship syd...hope you have a great sunday...

  5. "It's better to lose your pride to the one you love, than to lose the one you love because of pride." This is one I will hang my hat on.

  6. Syd, you always bring me back to where I should be.
    Thank you.

  7. Happy Sunday, Syd. I like all the sayings but especially this one:
    "It's better to lose your pride to the one you love, than to lose the one you love because of pride."

  8. Thank you for giving a glimpse of what it can be like when the wind stops blowing. It's gusting in AZ right now.

  9. I wanted to let you know that there is a beautiful show coming your way from the Barter Theater in Abingdon, VA, called "Civil War Voices". Mike and I have seen it twice, and it is absolutely great. You can check into it at for show times.

  10. Thanks Syd. The world I see is peaceful and serene for the most part of late. A shift I can appreciate.

  11. Such a beautiful post. I think I cried through all of it. So true and so touching. Exactly what I needed to read.

  12. Thank you for sharing those bits of wisdom. There is so much truth in all of them. Glad you feel these moments of happiness and contentment. Too often they come too few and too far apart.....

  13. great post. :) loved the quotes. I love how we can never really be in denial about those other realities even when we are drinking in the beauty of this moment. its funny how we are all the same like that. :)

    I saw this today and heard online how NYT whitewashed berkeley results in an article so by not referring to tap water results in CA so thought as a scientist you might want to follow some of the only publicly available figures on levels in the US from Japan. The gov shld be giving us readings as god knows they have the eqpt, but they will not disclose the results, places like berkley uni are though. It will all head over to europe after the US so we are ! all in the path. Southern states are in a better position though which is good..

  14. Thank you for your post.

    Learning to let down my defenses and not get caught up in the disappointments I hide behind is freeing. Letting love come back in without expectations of what I want it to be is a new development.
    It's the program working for me just for today more will be revealed.

  15. As long as you know what, who and why you love, then that love can endure.

  16. Some very thoughts here, Syd. I am particularly taken with anything to do with loving someone and not looking for their faults. We all have them don't we.


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