Friday, August 19, 2011

Wild and free

We are anchored behind Kiawah Island which is one of the high end resorts. At one time, Kiawah was unspoiled and held in ownership by a pirate and a couple of other families, including the Vanderhorst family, who held ownership of the island for 200 years. A lumberman purchased the entire island for $125,000 in 1951. Just 23 years later, his heirs sold the property to a real estate developer for $18.2 million. And in 1988, the island's assets sold for $105 million.

The development is not badly done, nor is the island over developed at 3,300 homes. But I much prefer the idea of having just a few homes.

If it had been my island, I would have kept it as pristine as possible. I can't imagine what it must have been like to live on Kiawah when it was wild, to walk the dirt roads, and sit on the beach with no one else around.

But out here on the water, i don't see any lights. Once again, we are listening to the breath of the dolphins blowing out. I can't see them in the dark but can hear them. I lit a citronella candle to discourage the mosquitoes. The breeze is up now which helps to keep them away.

Some friends are bringing their boat through the inlet which has treacherous shoals and breakers. I hope that they don't run aground. We will stay up a bit longer to watch for them, although I am tired after the full day on the water. It is a good Friday night here. Hope that it is where you are as well.


  1. I always appreciate how you talk clearly about your preferences and rarely complain when reality bites a wee bit at your toes.

    The houses on Kiawah are a good example.

    Rest well... I can hear the sound of those dolphins... in my mind's cochlea..

  2. glad you are having a good night cool to have your own island...yeah it would stay undeveloped if it was me...

  3. Wishing you and C a happy and peaceful weekend. I am going to try your pesto recipe tonight. I have fresh basil, parsley and tomatoes ripe in the garden - I am looking forward to making it for family and friends.

  4. You and C live a life that many of us just dream about ... thanks for sharing it.
    I googled for meetings in Beaufort before my son and I went there but most were NA so I crossed it out of our itinerary.

  5. You love your days and nights on the boat, and the quiet..I'm on my way to see my priceless granddaughter. It will be noisy and busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    We are blessed on our full lives, different as they are.

  6. You are describing Dog Island when you talk about Kiawah back in its early days.
    Enjoy the peace, dear friend.

  7. I can hear the serenity in your voice. The acceptance of what is. It seems you are at peace, my friend. Such a fine place to be.

  8. I'd love to hear dolphins blowing out. That's one sound I've never heard. I went to auditory training for my cochlear implant and listened to a LOT of animal sounds (LOL) but I know that one wasn't in the batch!

    My favorite sounds are of relaxes me like nothing else.

    Have a nice day.

  9. Beautiful beaches on Kiawah but it feels a bit too much like an overgrown golf club to me. I can't complain about the development though. Its the only way that many of us can live or stay on the Low Country islands. Why not allow many people to own a small slice of heaven as opposed to one family holding it and turning it into millions and millions of dollars.

  10. Thanks for sharing, that would be wonderful to sit and listen to the dolphins...


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