Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday thoughts and goings on

I am on my way to Georgia this morning.  Thankfully, it is one of the states that doesn't allow people to keep wild animals.  I won't have to worry about hitting some poor lion on the interstate or being mauled by a bear as I go from my car to the hotel.  I saw enough photos of the dead animals on TV to last a long, long time. Enough with the carnage, media folks.

I won't even go into the gruesome stuff about the death of Gaddafi.  And I have seen enough celebratory shooting of AK47's on full automatic for a while.  I couldn't help but wonder how many of the celebrants were killed because someone tripped while shooting on full auto.

I met with a fellow yesterday who is going to paint the upper decks and cockpit on the sailboat.  He is a good fellow and does excellent work.  We will be working side by side to do the job starting on Monday.  I had a bit of anxiety about the cost of doing this.  But I will save a bunch by being his helper.  Being retired gives me opportunities to do all kinds of things.  And I seem to take on more every day.  How do people that are retired say that they have nothing to do?  Who has time for a Barcalounger?

My wife's parents are enjoying the caretaker couple who live with them.  They are eating, gaining weight, getting driven to appointments and doing well.  I learned that the couple are used to managing huge estates.  Their last gig was for a wealthy Saudi. Who knew that caretakers have agents who look world wide for work in mansions?  But they are kind and gentle with the parents.  And at the moment, all is going well.  Living in a palace may be underrated.

Well, I am going to throw some clothes together. I am even taking underwear.  And will head out shortly to hit the road to Georgia.  I am going to take some back roads and my camera.  Pumpkin patches and corn mazes as well as spooky old houses come to mind.  Who knows what I might see? Hopefully, not a zebra on main street.


  1. ha. you need that underwear just in case...mama always said to wear clean underwear if i had to go to the doctor...glad the caretaker is going safe this weekend!

  2. You are right about retirement (in my case, semi retirement). I have more to do than ever. But aren't we some lucky people Syd?!

  3. Lions and tigers and bears in Zanesville, OH, OH MY. It just reeks Oz. Love your edge today. Safe travels and woot woot on the money savings.

  4. Safe and interesting travels, dear Syd.

  5. Glad you're bringing all the accessories!

  6. Syd, I say either clean underwear...or none!
    During my working career(s) I was NEVER so busy, or so far behind in my schedule as now, nearing age 80.

    Good time in Georgia!

  7. This poor world still has little children who are mesmerized by pumpkin stems. Happy travels.

  8. Planning a driving trip from Birmingham to Savannah in Jan. This California girl would love hearing about any interesting roadside attractions that you stumble upon in your travels. Excluding ex-pat wildlife. :(

  9. Ohio apparently has the most lenient laws on wild animals. They don't have to be registered. In Alabama, you have to register a squirrel--So that that, haters. Roll Tide, btw. Glad to hear about your parents. I have a son and my grandmother recently passed away, and to have the feeling that they are well cared for, even loved, when you are not around is priceless. Have a great trip-I pack the underwear AND toothbrush. It's a beautiful day in the South.

  10. "And I'm even taking underwear."

    Love it.

  11. How nice...a trip! Georgia is very pretty, what little I remember of it.

    I'm retired but my boyfriend is madly job-hunting. It's crazy...this upside down world of ours.

    I'm with you on the animals and Gaddafi. I don't want to see it again. I GET IT.

  12. Hi Syd, I've just read your posts and the interview ...
    that has really impressed me ...
    I continue to read your blog ...
    ... yes, even in retirement, it may sometimes be restless ... but that makes life interesting ...
    ... a peaceful, yet interesting weekend...

  13. It is always a joy to read your posts.
    Hope your trip is enjoyable.
    A woman reported to me that a wild lion was kept as a pet in a studio apt in NY.

  14. I'm so glad that C's parents are being well cared for. That must be a huge relief to you both.
    Enjoy your trip, Syd and take lots of pictures.


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