Friday, November 11, 2011

Fishing photos and update

We had a good day fishing.  It was therapeutic to get out on the water and enjoy a warm day, beautiful scenery, and some seafood.  Here are some photos from our day:
The Sea Island Yacht Club where we launched the boat. An old building and an old club.  

A spot-tail bass that was the object of the day.  We catch and release. 

The fishing "hole" where the spot tails like to feed on the dropping tide. 

An eagle's nest--look for it near the middle of the photo.  
The clamming creek where on low tide we can rake up quite a few. 

Raking for clams which was productive!

Our clam take for the day.  These went into linguine with clam sauce. 
I feel as if I haven't had much to write about lately, except living life on life's terms.  That is a benefit of recovery--not fighting what comes but doing my best to accept and take positive action.  Here are some things that I have been doing:

--Contacting people for the caregiver position.  This is proving to be more difficult than I thought.  Good pay, a comfortable house, all expenses paid--I thought that there would be more people applying.  I was naive because it seems that there is much demand for caregivers.  And this is likely to be a field that only increases as we all age.  We have a couple of people that we are interviewing tomorrow.

--Working on the boat which will likely take 2-3 more weeks before going to haul out at the boat yard.  Lots of priming and filling.  But she is looking good.

--Going to meetings and meeting with those I sponsor.  I find that I can expunge the drama of life by going to a meeting.  I feel the weight lifted.  I am among others who live with drama every day, and somehow, we manage to feel a bit lighter after being together for an hour.  This never ceases to amaze me.

--Walking with the dogs in the morning.  We do about a mile together before any of us have breakfast.  They love it, and we get some time to enjoy the property and look for animal tracks.

What I haven't been doing is getting around to all the blogs that I like to read.  I will catch up at some point.  I have literally felt overwhelmed with the caregiver situation.  But I can see that creativity in thinking--split shifts and other ways to get coverage 24/7--is helping.  All will be okay.

Have a good day.  And if you are a veteran, thanks for what you have done.


  1. Clams with linguine sauce sounds yummy. Good luck with the caretaker interviews.

    Beautiful pics, Syd.

  2. Beautiful photos. The eagle's nest one reminded me exactly of the ones on Dog Island.

  3. dude...nice bass...and sounds like a refreshing day filled with lots of beauty...hope you have a wonderful day today...

  4. Good luck, Syd. The caregiver situation reminds me of losing a trusted babysitter when the kids were little. I dreaded the prospect of looking for another, because truly kind and professional ones were a challenge to find.

  5. Gorgeous photos and a big fish. (I finally had a chance to catch my fish.) Having nothing to write about? Hmmmm... maybe you are content?

  6. Reading your blog is like visiting a little island of calm.

  7. Great pics. I enjoy your blog because it is so down to earth--one day at a time in recovery. It's just living. Take care. :)

  8. Meetings DO expunge the drama and negativity that slip in through the mental doors and windows that we carelessly leave ajar when we're not mindful of ourselves. I have been reflecting on how that draft has got me a little under the weather and that I need to wrap myself in some good program to feel better. Peace.

  9. Sounds like a nice fishing trip.

    Good luck finding caretakers.

  10. Veterans, fishing and nature. May we all heal.

  11. "somehow, we manage to feel a bit lighter after being together for an hour. This never ceases to amaze me."

    Me too Syd, me too.

  12. Sounds like a perfect day. I'm glad you had the time to relax and enjoy it. I'm sure the care giver problem will be solved soon.

  13. Thanks Syd, lovely photos :)

    well yes. elderly care is very demanding.. so many things to have to figure out.. and it all seems new because you just dont hear people talking about it in a ? 'proper' way, so you are none the wiser till u end up with the same stuff to deal with..
    Cut yourself some slack re the other stuff. a lot of the grieving happens before they die. and if you are 'conscious' , well then you FEEL it.. which means it is heavy and it takes it out of you a bit.. so theres no need to do everything.. just do your best to manage the elderly stuff, which is demanding, and go easy on yourself while your heart goes through a trying life chapter of's like it is a muscle, and the heart works a little bit of overtime when someone is dying or has died.. it works to its own rhythm..and does pass, but its like a background hum that tugs on the heartstrings for a while.. just takes some energy from you thats all.. so thats why u can go easy on yourself if u need to.
    Anyway, im sure you already figured that out, but i just hope you arent pulled in to many directions as im sure you are very much in demand even though u r retired :)

  14. Syd, if those are your hands on the fish, you have very nice hands indeed. They look to me like hands that have done a lot of work so far in life, and which are also used to being in the water :) x/G

  15. I appreciate your posts! So often I find a surprising point of connection to where I'm at, which is always a high point and delight and source of fun... little touch stones perhaps that let me know I'm getting it, too, or that, at least, I'm not alone. I never know what it will be, which is the fun of it. Today, I am celebrating, just celebrating, this thought from you.

    "I can expunge the drama of life by going to a meeting. I feel the weight lifted. I am among others who live with drama every day, and somehow, we manage to feel a bit lighter after being together for an hour. This never ceases to amaze me."

    I go to a few different meetings, one regularly. You're so right about feeling lighter after the hour together. The effect on me of these meetings continues to amaze me, too.

    Also this! I enjoyed my first casual 'social' with Alanon members yesterday and came away feeling 'Oh my God, I have friends who are not [family or] my alcoholic's friends! What a relief!' He is entertaining and has lots of friends, lots 'fans' in a way, and many are like him. Because he also has the dominating personality between us, our conversations and social life usually orbit around him and them. I easily enjoy it all - to a point. Well, yesterday, it was sooo pleasant to be with people more like me, who aren't enamored by him, don't even know him, and with my guard - and my hackles - down : ) ...

  16. sounds like you have a blessed life Syd. Im happy for you. Good looking fish,too!!


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