Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold and windy days

This late night blogging is difficult.  I find that by the end of the day, I'm fairly non-sensical.  Contributing to my nonsense is the cold and wind that permeated everything today, including every layer that I had on.  What can I say--I am a southerner which means that temperatures in the 20's are cold to me.  With the 35 knot breeze we had last night and this morning, it was pretty miserable to be outside or on the water.

I do have some photos from the oyster roast last night.  We braved the chill and had a great time.  There were a few hardy kids from Asheville who decided to spend the night in tents.  It looked like an Occupy movement in the back yard.

Anyway, here are some of the photos from the evening. The first few are indicative of the host's sense of humor. This is a great family with a lot of warmth and creativity. I am amazed at the great things they do--going to LEAF (a music festival in NC) every year, keeping a traveling journal in which strangers are asked to write their thoughts, painting, playing in a band, and working as a carpenter.  I am attracted to this kind of a family--open minded, clever, intellectual, and talented.  The grown kids are wonderful to be around.  And for the party,  he and his kids decided to decorate the portable toilet with some art work and an eery green light.  It was called a portal in time--LOL.  And it was one of the only places to get out of the wind.  

The portalet was decorated with art work
for the party
It was declared a portal to the future
And there was a manifesto about the
portalet time machine--remember to keep
arms and legs out of the portal hole!
G., the host, getting ready to explode the Christmas tree
The flaming tree signifies the official end of Christmas 
Eating some of the savory mollusks
Trying to stay warm!
Two old friends jamming. Back in the day, we used to crank it out. 
Lots of good music being played but the fingers got cold!
I have nothing else worthwhile to share.  I had a good weekend.  And tonight, we are warm and sitting in front of a fire.  Nothing but contentment here at the moment.  


  1. Sounds like a great weekend -- I sympathise with you about the cold!

  2. Looks just like here! Oysters, beer, music and smiles.
    Dang, I hate this cold weather, too.

  3. looks liike a Grateful Dead reunion show

  4. That looks like a wonderful occasion Syd.There is something primal about hanging around a fire,cold hands and all.Great photos.And your contentment is comforting to read.
    Thanks for sharing.I look forwards to getting caught up with you and our little online blogging community.

  5. If you mean temperatures in the 20s F are cold then I think most of Europe would agree with you. 20s F is sub-zero in C! But 20C is just under 70F so if you did mean C you're like my Australian uncle who came in multiple layers to withstand the tepid British summer!

  6. wow whata brilliant end to turned bitter cold here as well this weekend...def could have used a fire...and some oysters...smiles...

  7. a traveling journal sounds great! We have friends like this who are clever, and so much fun. Makes you forget the cold...right?

  8. Being the middle of February, it's nice to know that Christmas is officially over. Now...bring on Valentine's day! (We'll burn cupid later.)Joy and love!

  9. Nice get-together my friend...

    Let me just say that I cam from Ohio, orignially from western NY state (Buffalo) and 20 degrees with a 35 knot wind IS cold lol.

  10. Glad you had a great time and found contentment at the end of the day.


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