Saturday, May 12, 2012


The view from the boat last night was spectacular. I call this the million dollar view because it is surely that and more. The marina is situated across the harbor from the city. Our price of admission is to have a boat here.

Today we are going to watch the around-the-world boats and sailors take off. A group of them came here last week and will be departing shortly. In the early days of round the world racing, the sailors did the race on their personal yachts and went non-stop. All that time to be alone with your thoughts without the advantage of the latest technology must have been difficult beyond belief. It's no wonder that few made it to the finish.

The HMS Bounty is docked nearby so we are going to go see her today. This is the same Bounty that was in the various movies about the mutiny and was the ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I have long been fascinated by Captain Bligh's navigation skills. He was able to navigate the group of men cast off from the Bounty on a 47 day voyage over a distance of some 3000 miles equipped only with a quadrant and a pocket watch. All of this was done on a 23 foot launch and most managed to survive. Amazing stuff!

Such challenges to the human spirit are miraculous to me. Just as Sir Ernest Shackleton's historic expedition is amazing. We as humans are capable of great feats of valor, many of which go unnoticed and are not the stuff of legends. It's easy to focus on the things that are wrong with others, but today I am going to think about all the unsung heroes in our midst. I am sure that you have a few that are close to your heart. Who are your heroes today?


  1. Tall ships really are the most fascinating of all to me. I love them in all their splendor.

  2. very cool...would love to see that ship...i am def fascinated by the age of exploration of such ships...and have read much of shackleton as well...

  3. You have quite the eye when it comes to taking photographs, Syd.

  4. My Mom. Always has been always will be the role model of my life.

  5. The person who comes to mind as an unsung hero to me this Mother's day is my niece , who is a mother to a 9 yr. old son with autism, as well as his 12 yr. old brother. Her 9 yr. old son presents so many challenges to her life, but she steadfastly mothers him with complete love & adoration, & nary a complaint about what she deals with. I'm in awe of her dedication.

  6. I'm with the walking man. My mother taught me how to be a mother, woman, friend, spouse...everything.

  7. Unsung heroes. My dad. Who truly keeps these words: If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. He has stayed with my mom, his wife, for over fifty years now.

    I believe I am sane because of him.

    Then there is my mom, she is a hero for enduring so much in her life, and giving me the gift of life. And for breastfeeding in a day and age when it was "foreign" to do so.

    She may have a mental health diagnosis, and have a mean and blaming streak, but the little girl inside her has a story to tell and it is a heroic one. I love that little girl best, even if it is from a distance.

  8. And I do love the story of Shackelton. Well-acted, that movie!

  9. I love your photos. A friend of mine has their house done in a nautical theme. Her and the hubby love their boat and time on the water. I think it is that shared love of the seas that brings that extra joy to their marriage.

  10. My unsung heroes are legend! Ha!
    Seriously, though, there are many people I know and have known who are heroes to me.
    I am grateful their lives have touched mine.

  11. You have an amazing eye for photography, my friend! Great photos.
    I've always said my Dad is my unsung hero. The struggles he had living in an emotional and physical abusive alcoholic home, he provided an amazing life for my mom, my sister, and I. I always looked up to my Dad, who taught me how to be me. Now that I have the tools of the program, I have even more compassion, love, and respect for my Dad! He is an amazing person. The older he gets though, the pain of his past is catching up with him more each day... I pray for my Dad.

    I have a few professors/teachers that are heroes to me and grateful they believed and loved me. I'm still have amazing friendships with those wonderful people!


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