Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flood tide in the heart

The latest tropical storm missed us, thankfully. We are getting some stiff breezes. A wind surfer was having a grand time whizzing by boats and kayaks yesterday. Three boats dragged anchor and were heading out the inlet but were rescued by others. Like most of the estuaries around here, the ebb tide dominates and flows out with tremendous speed. That and rip currents contribute to many drowning deaths every year. And alcohol is certainly a factor in boating accidents.

Luckily, this was a subdued crowd, with a lot of children enjoying the beach. We are waiting on the rising tide to get enough water depth to cross the sand bar and then head for home. The flood tide will take us home, carrying us over the shoals.

The wind howled all night, waking me up frequently to check that all was well. Several friends came and went during the day, stopping by to sit on the sailboat, get out of the sun, and have some lunch. Around 3 PM, we decided to take a nap and have some time to ourselves. It wasn't long though before we heard someone yelling, "Do you have any Grey Poupon? Hey, Grey Poupon!" It was a couple of friends who had their sailboat anchored up the inlet from us. We carry some Grey Poupon now for these moments, so I said, "But of course! Come on board."

He is a member of the fellowship too. We have made so many friends through AA and Al-Anon. I had none when I came in and now am grateful for the new friendships that have come about. The people who have my back are few, but I am grateful for those rare individuals who have held my confidences and shared theirs. Breach of trust is a terrible thing and difficult to undo.

“Now it’s high watermark
and floodtide in the heart
and time to go.
The sea-nymphs in the spray
will be the chorus now.
What’s left to say?

Suspect too much sweet-talk
but never close your mind.
It was a fortunate wind
that blew me here. I leave
half-ready to believe
that a crippled trust might walk
and the half-true rhyme is love.”
― Seamus Heaney


  1. glad they were able to save those boats...and its nice to have those kinds of friends...grey poupon...ha

  2. You reminded me- I used up my last bit of Gray Poupon last night making spicy mustard shrimps. I must buy more.
    Be safe!

  3. You are really very blessed-from having such a positive mindset to people who has your back(cause thats really rare in the world today). Wish i could get there soon.

  4. Hi Syd,

    Just a quick break in this holiday - - - to wish you fair winds and following seas - - - to get back to your home port safely before any renegade storms stir up once more,.

    And, yes, I, too have so many friends myself - in the same way that you do. This fact makes my gratitude list very easy to add to my prayers each morning - for their joy and happiness.

    Thanks for pointing that out. It is profound, indeed.

    Hugs as always,
    Anonymous #1

  5. I'm sincerely grateful for the friendships I've made through the fellowship, they warm my heart and soul.

  6. Hi there Syd,

    I agree with you. We want to be careful about the relations we keep.

    Al-Anon Family Groups has helped me grow in my character discernment. It has spared me from relationships that were not good for me.

    I'm thankful for friends who truly care. With insight they share their experience, strength and hope without telling me what to do. They listen without judging. I'm a fortunate man.

    They are not the kind we now see in the cyberworld, people listed as friends whom we barely know. I.e., Facebook.

    Wishing you a good week.

  7. May you always be the captain of your boat and life. The seas might swell and be choppy, but I have faith in you....


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