Monday, May 7, 2012

That Moon

I am back from the sailing trip down south.  It was a good time for the most part. The trip down was uneventful on the ICW.  I've traveled that bit of waterway many times.  But the friendly waves of those who travel the blue highway is something that I like.  We look at each other and smile, knowing that we have a special bond.

That moon on Saturday night was spectacular.  I took a bit of video from the boat.  It was getting dark so the quality isn't great.  I had rowed back to my boat from  the host boat's party.  And I watched as that super moon rose in the sky.

I had a nice time at the party, although rowing against the tide to get to the host boat was something else.  I had hoped that those people who had motor powered dinghies would stop by and give me a lift.  But I could see that wasn't going to happen.

I had rowed our dog to shore which seemed like it was about a mile away, come back to the boat, caught my breath, and for a few minutes thought about not going to the party.  I was late and going to have to row against the tide again to get to the party.  The idea of isolating was strong.  What I heard was, "No one will miss you.  They are having a good time.  You are always the odd man out."
But what I did was discard the negative thoughts, got in the dinghy and rowed as hard as I could to get to the other boat.

A number of people were taking photos as I rowed over.  I tossed a fellow my painter line, clambered on board and had a great time.  A few folks commented that I was "hard core".   We talked about boats, super moons, and the places we have been.  I met some new folks who were super nice.  And when it was time to leave, several people asked if I needed a tow back to my boat.  I would be going with the strong tide, so declined their offer telling them to come get me though if I over shot my boat!

Yesterday,  I decided to sail back in the ocean.  The wind was favorable for it, until the cold front came through.  Then the wind shifted, the seas built, and it was tough going.  I came through the jetties into the harbor around 10:30 last night.  And as I was anchoring for the evening, I saw that moon again, rising red  on the horizon.

I was glad to be off the ocean.  After rowing the dog to shore, I cooked some snow crab legs, sat on deck, watching the moon rise and listening to the wind.  I had gotten in at the right time.  The tide was coming in, the wind was picking up, and I was dead tired.

This was another adventure.  My wife was glad to hear from me.  She knew that I was okay because she knows the boat is sturdy and capable.  I'm glad that I didn't miss out on seeing that moon shining on the water.  And I'm glad that those negative thoughts that come to me can be supplanted by a positive action.


  1. Me, too, Syd. Glad you did not cave in to isolation. Every day I learn from you.

  2. glad you got back in before you were so tired and everything started picking up...nice moon shot too...

  3. I have my negative voices but luckily can walk through the committee most days.

  4. Glad you are home and had a great time not isolating. Interesting, we are kinda on topic today. Love love love your photo of the moon and movie. Thanks.

  5. I love that pink moon. And your post, good for you not listening to "what you heard".

  6. Seriously Syd you sound like you are turning new corners here and learning to relax and enjoy even the hard times. Rowing uphill! A man among men!

  7. Theo wouldn't get into a boat if his life depended on it..LOL
    So many of us were looking at the same spectacular moon....that's kind of awesome.

  8. The video is wonderful..with the sound effects!

    Connecting with nature, enjoying that beauty, is what truly brings peace to our souls (IMO).

  9. I love the sound of the water on your video. What a peaceful sound. I missed the super moon on Saturday, it was storming here and the moon was covered by clouds.

  10. That moon was AMAZING. I wish I could take the images of it like you. Spectacular. :)

  11. I also enjoyed the sound of the water in the video! Thank you for sharing.

    Great photo of the moon!

    Glad you were able to over come your thoughts and enjoyed other's company. I can relate to that strong pull of isolation.

  12. Good one. I realized in college, I'm probably a lunatic...

  13. Syd, it's so wonderful that you and your wife can enjoy time apart and be OK with that. This is one of the things that is causing some difficulty in my fairly newly sober marriage: my needing time apart.

    Also--I finally got a dog!! As I feel my love for the puppy grow, I sometimes think of that photo of you and your lovely one who passed recently. Animals are so important to me. /G


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