Monday, September 3, 2012

The good stuff

I am helping out a friend today who works for a towing company. This is enjoyable work--heading out on calls to help those who have run out of gas, run aground or have a dead battery. Anything to do with being out on the water is good. And using my license is also good.

Tomorrow, my C. and I are heading out for three days on the boat. The Labor Day boat craziness will be over then, and we will likely have most of the island to ourselves. We thought that today would be particularly busy because it is considered the last big holiday of the summer. And it is still summer here-- hot and humid. But I will take it as long as the hurricanes stay away.

All else is going well. The parents are well and holding their own. The destruction of the kitchen hasn't started yet but some of the appliances will be delivered this week. We had fun making choices. I hope that this will continue to be a fun adventure.

Having days filled with no drama is wonderful. I am sorry that some bloggers are struggling with family and friends who are in the throes of alcoholism or addiction. All I can say is that I am grateful today for the good "stuff" in my life. I know that it can be gone in an instant.


  1. When I began reading this I hadn't scrolled down far enough to see the picture and I thought, "Syd, a tow truck driver??!" It just didn't compute I am sorry to say. But then I got it. Yeah....on the water, I can see that. :o)

    Thanks for all of your very kind comments on my blog.

    I am green with envy about the kitchen remodel. Just lucky dog!

  2. glad you are having a string of good days man....hope that keeps up...

  3. Good stuff here today and boats and rivers were involved.
    Be at peace, Syd. Be at peace.

  4. It seems that good change takes slow, slogging effort, and bad change can come in an instant. I wonder why that is? Anyhow, it makes a good case for enjoying every moment when life is good :)

  5. I remember when retirement was new, and you were not sure which direction you would go. Isn't it amazing how everything is working out.


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