Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Staying busy

It has been a busy week. We went in the parade of boats which was fun. Usually, I row in the parade but this year, we decided to ride in a friend's boat that was entered. The weather was good which made the evening even nicer.

And the other major activity has been fulfilling the Christmas wish list for one of the orphans in the county. There are 35 orphans and a group of us decided to be secret Santas for them. My wife and I decided to fulfill the Christmas list for a 16 year old girl. I have to say that this has been such a joyous thing. Just the idea of helping a kid have a great Christmas is happiness.

All else has been good. I have moments of sadness when I think of my parents and others who are no longer around. My sponsor who is on the other coast sent some delicious chocolate covered strawberries to the home group on Monday evening. I miss him too. So much changes from one year to the next. But at least, I am doing what I can to enjoy the holidays without stressing over gifts.

I hope that all else is going well. I start radar school on December 15, so will be out of touch for a while. I will catch up when I can.


  1. Bless your heart for reaching out to that 16 year old girl. I hope your holiday is wonderful!

    You inspire me.

  3. this time of year memories get heavy man...just dont try carrying them alone...especially not if you are sharing chocolate covered strawberries...smiles...

    the light flotila is really cool to a ride along would be fun...

  4. You and C are such good, generous people, Syd. When you are 16 and struggling, the kindness of others can make a world of difference.

    Enjoy radar school.

  5. Not really a holiday cheer type person here Syd, but you have a good one and it is always a fine thing to show another human that someone cares. That's part of the reason i tutor first graders 1 on 1. A bit of advice about radar...when you are checking your scope, pay attention to the white noise close into the boats position. That was my Navy MOS.

  6. I hope school goes well for you. I know how time consuming, consuming, it can be.

  7. It is nice that you are staying busy. Nice tree.

  8. Hi Syd. Just passing through.


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