Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend update

The weekend was quiet and filled with working on the boat, between reading and napping.  I continue to update the boat with 90 feet of chain and 120 feet of rope anchor rode.  These jobs keep me busy and give me a good work out physically.

The weather keeps flirting with spring.  Azaleas are blooming, the yellow jessamine is hanging from the limbs of the oak trees, and the spring tulips are blooming.  But the wind continues to push white caps on the harbor.  I know people who have been trying to sail down the coast and make a crossing to the Bahamas. They remain in port waiting for the wind to be favorable.

My wife has been busy with the estate of her mother.  The attorney is working on this as well.  Because I want to help ease things for her, I put together the readings and the music for the funeral mass which will be held this Saturday.  I believe that it will be something that Mom would have liked: Bach, Schubert, Franck, Beethoven; and the reading of the St. Francis prayer.  A bouquet of spring flowers will be on the little table with a couple of photos.  Because of lent, most likely green sprigs and ferns will be placed on either side of the altar. It's fitting that her caregivers will provide a eulogy.  I have learned a lot about Catholic funeral mass in the last week.

Pop continues to have good days and bad ones.  He fell yesterday trying to get from his chair to the bed.  No injury, but a worry because he doesn't want to ask for help even though his legs no longer support him.  His attitude remains depressed.

Both my wife and I are coping though.  We have had moments of laugher and joy, and those are becoming more frequent.  Time is a great healer and going to meetings has helped us enormously.  I realize that I can practice the principles in my life and do the next right thing.  It's my way out of feeling sad or having self-pity.

Finally, here are some photos from the weekend.

We had a wonderful Vietnamese dinner on Saturday. 
A few ducks enjoying a swim.
Sailing school at the marina
Masts at sunset
Another beautiful sunset over the river


  1. Syd,
    I am ever so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's passing. My sympathy to you and C.

    Sorry I have been away for so long.



  2. man that sun looks gorgeous...and dinner scrumptious...glad you are there for each other through this man...sounds like it will be a nice service....may favorable winds find you...smiles.

  3. What a beautiful area you live in. It reminds me of pictures I have seen of Maine. I have often thought I would love to live in Maine...LOL. I have never been to Maine, and I know you don't live in Maine, but just from pictures I think it would be so neat! Taking a little boat hither and yon.

    I am glad you and C are finding your way. I had no doubts that you would....but its nice to hear all the same. How absolutely wonderful of you to give the caregivers the honor of giving your mom-in-law's eulogy. So kind.

  4. Oh, Syd. You are taking care, you and your wife. You are doing the right things.
    I'm about to go to the water. Finally. We've been trying to get there since January and in two days it looks like we'll really go. I can't wait for sunsets.
    The geographical cure, as you say. Yes.

  5. Continue doing what is best for you and yours..take time to honor your mom-in-law and make it special for your wife...she will cherish a lovely service in the next coming days. When my dad passed the service went over the time by an hour and half...there was just so much love from everyone..a beautiful thing.

  6. Syd - - - Iam so relieved to read your blog message; I find personal comfort for myself, as well as for you - in that the arrangements for the final rites are planned. I have so many memories of my own mate's funeral mass - - - I, too, chose the readings, the music; and, the entire choir of church where we once lived arrived in the country - surprising me and delighting me with their beautiful music. I pray that you may experience the same beauty - - - music is the language of the soul, and very comforting.

    Thank you so very much for the news and update.

    Thanks for the reminder in working your program; I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment, and allowing myself tears of love and understanding for you and C.

    Much love with hugs,
    Anonymous #1

  7. I hope the service brings much comfort to you and your wife and father-in-law, Syd.

  8. That Vietnamese food looks tantalising -- sliced rambutans?

    And that choice of music for the funeral Mass is so beautiful, Syd. I've always found the prayer of St Francis of Assisi to stir the heart. My own background is that of a Catholic convert and while I find the tradition difficult and a challenge in many ways, it is also a source of great solace and inspiration for me. Some of the most compassionate and wise people I have ever met have been Catholic religious, nuns and priests.

    Prayers for your father-in-law and for all of you.

  9. Syd, I was just thinking of you....yesterday/today....I'm glad I was able to stop by and see that you are doing fairly well. That puts me at ease a bit. Beautiful pictures, by the way, especially those of the marina. Something about the lines really catches my eye.

  10. the next right thing. and in so doing you are living.

  11. Hi Syd, Just stopping by to catch up. So sorry for you loss. If I lived close to you I would be one of the folks dropping a casserole by, it is what I was taught to do as well. Also sorry to hear of your cousin. Unfortunately in this day and age, even if someone is a DNR(do not reccusitate) if the family requests compressions and shocks in the moment, they will follow through for fear of a law suit. Such is the day and age we live in. I love the pics you posted, so beautiful and peaceful.

  12. I'm glad for you both for times of peace and relaxation. Still very sad for you both. Saturday will be hard. Keeping your Father in Law in my prayers - he must be so incredibly sad.

  13. You and C are in my thoughts and prayers. We are so very lucky we have such a spiritual recovery program. Hugs, Kat

  14. I like the idea of ferns and green sprigs on a table for your MIL
    She was fortunate to pass at home.


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