Saturday, June 15, 2013

Home alone

My wife left on Friday for a week long vacation in New England.  She is staying on one of the Cape's islands with some friends from graduate school.  This is a much needed vacation for her.  I've talked to her several times since she left, and she is happy and relaxed.  That is enough to make me so very happy too.

In the meantime, since she left, I have been keeping busy with the yard and garden.  Today I went to the boat for a couple of hours.  It felt good to be on board for a little while, and then I had to get home to take care of the animals.  Pandora is fitting in nicely with the other cats.  She is eating well and purrs every time I come near her.

The blueberries are ripe in the garden so I've been eating them every day for about a week.  I've picked several tomatoes as well, and they are ripening on the window sill. And the eggplant are starting to ripen too.  It looks like a good year for the garden. The drip irrigation system helps a lot, and it's on a timer which makes things easy.

I am going to see my father-in-law tomorrow.  Hopefully, he will feel good enough to be pushed along in his wheel chair outside.  He is so very thin and fragile.  My wife and I can sense that his death is not far away.  I don't think that he ever really got over his wife's death.  But it is father's day, and I want to spend some time with the old man.  

Next week, I will be back at meetings.  I'm chairing one on the newest Al-Anon book Many Voices, One Journey. I'm going to focus on the period from1925-1950, the time of active alcoholism and isolation that started founders, Lois and Bill Wilson, on the road to recovery.  Who knew that Al-Anon used to be called "Non-Alcoholics Anonymous," or that sometimes women whose husbands started drinking again were asked to stop coming to meetings, or that there was a major fight over whether to allow adult children of alcoholics to join the fellowship? 

That's about it from here.  I hope that your weekend is going well. 


  1. hope you get that walk with your FIL tomorrow...and good on you for taking care to visit him on fathers day in your wifes absence...i hope she has a safe and great trip as well...those tomatoes look good and i know the berries are..yum...we have been into the cherries...and the grape are starting to come in...maybe another 3 weeks and they will be ready...

  2. Your garden sounds lovely and lucious! I'm glad your wife is enjoying her time away. It's nice to get away where you don't have to do, to just "be". I hope you have a nice day with your father in law... Missing my dad here. There are so many times I look up and ask, " well dad, tell me what to do here" . Happy Sunday Syd!

  3. You are a good son in law. You sound good Syd sugar.

  4. Hope all is well, enjoy the quiet time I know I normally do! I find it so interesting they used to ask them to stop coming. I hope your father in law was feeling better today. You are a great man to go visit on fathers day. Enjoy! - Kelly

  5. Your FIL is lucky to have you take him out for a walk, to have the sun on his face and the smell of fresh air. I hope someone does that for me when I am old and frail with not much time left.

    It's good that your in-laws' cat is fitting in. She knows she has a good home, apparently :)

  6. Your tomatoes look gorgeous! I hope you had a good visit with FIL. And that C. comes home soon.

  7. OH I would love to go to the Cape Islands. How nice for her. After everything you guys have been going through sounds like it was much needed. Sounds like you are keeping plenty busy while she’s away. I am jealous you have your own blue berries ;). They still aren’t in season yet up here in Wisconsin. Are growing season is late this year and stuff just started popping up. While everyone’s tomato plants are growing we probably won’t see any fruit until the end of July. I love egg plants too. Hey can I just come to your house and get some of your produce lol?
    I am glad your new kitty friend is adapting well to your new home. I hope you enjoyed your father’s day with your FIL.

    I am also curious to the book you are studying. I am surprised they would kick out people who have active A’s in their lives. I thought that was a kind of the point of Al-Anon lol. I mean that’s when you kind of need it the most don’t ya think? I can’t believe there was even a debate about letting us Children of Alcoholics join. Seriously, I sometimes think (again my opinion based on my experience) children are even more powerless then women. I mean we didn’t have a choice to even leave the home. We were stuck there. While, the spouses can leave if need be (yes I understand situations are more complex but I think you get my point). You have me intrigued by this book. I think I might have to look into it. An Al-Anon book club every second Saturday of the month, maybe I can suggest this one once we finished the one we are on.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!


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