Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back home again

I made it back home on Friday.  And I was happy to be back.  I seem to do okay for about four days away and then am ready to get back home. I seemed to run out of things that I wanted to do.  I saw everyone that I wanted to see, drove where I wanted to go, took a lot of photos and was done.

It was a happy time to see my wife and the animals.  Every time I come home, the dogs and cats seem to think that I've only been gone for a few hours. They thump tails and purr, but are relaxed about my return as if they knew that I would be back soon.  I imagine time doesn't have much of a concept for them as they live in the moment.

Sleeping next to C. on my first night back felt so comfortable.  I was tired but woke up several times to touch her and make sure that she was there.  And that makes me not want to leave again unless she comes with me.  We will have to find a house, dog and cat sitter so that we can go away together for a week.

Today, the house is opened up and the cool breeze is coming through the doors and windows.  It is beautiful weather.  I hope that we can slip away to go on the boat for a few days next week.  And I want C. to go with me.  She is still dealing with the estate of her parents.  It appears that a contract on the house will be forthcoming which is good.

I went to several meetings while I was away.  The meetings were good and fairly close to the type of groups that we have here.  On my last day, there were 3 meetings at the same location.  One of the ladies asked me how I sponsored people.  I replied by saying that I sponsor them much the same way I was sponsored, using literature from Al-Anon and other material that I have collected from other sources on the steps and traditions.  Sponsoring is really about being comfortable with a person, having trust and willingness.

It was interesting that this same lady recited the entire preamble and meeting format by heart, looking down and not taking a breath. It felt very automatic and as if this was an exercise of memory and not something shared from the heart.  I just thought this was odd.

But we surely process and participate in meetings in our own way.  It's good to have the experience of attending those "away" meetings and listening to what others have to share.  No matter where I go, it's still the basic story of how we are affected by another person's drinking: The same fear, frustrations, anxiety and sadness giving way to acceptance, sense of self, compassion, and happiness through recovery.

I'm surely glad to be back home.  There's more wood to split, garden planting to be done, and a beautiful day ahead.


  1. Syd, I'm so glad you are safely home, also! I, too, am glad to be back in the lowcountry. To celebrate my return, I bought some daffodil bulbs to plant in mid-October. My previous home that I left for 21 months, had hundreds of bulbs. While in California, I looked everywhere, and found only potted bulbs - - - seems daffodils are not popular out west. (Ahem: my favorite flower!) Just glad that my son accepts my flower preference, thank heaven.

    To return to your blog topic (sorry for the aside) - - - yes it is quite an interesting experience to attend 'away' meetings; my only personal requirement to hear at a meeting is the recitation of the steps, traditions, and the introduction of each person attending - if they so chose to speak their name.

    Glad you're back home!!

    Love and hugs,
    Anonymous #1

  2. Is there any blessing more precious than that love of coming home to where our hearts truly live?

  3. i know it feels great to return home after being away...and sharing that bed...the away meetings can be pretty cool ---seeing that we are not that much different, but there are just a little things as well...

  4. Glad to see you back. Vacations are really nice no matter how long yo are gone but it is nice to be home too.

  5. Nice to return home after being away.

  6. It sounds as if you had a decent time. I'm glad you're home safe and sound.

  7. So if you plan to circumnavigate the globe and take a couple of years to do it. You have your house sitters. I come with guard dogs and my own ammo, Oh yeah my own wife too.

  8. Awe Syd, I am currently missing my spouse as well and can't wait until he gets home late tonight. I was gone away at my Area Assembly and he had to go to another state for a funeral. I do enjoy my "me time" but after a few days I am ready to see him again.

    I hope to one day to go to a meeting when I am on a get away. I hear how great it is to go to one outside your own area. I never heard anyone reciete a pre-ambule. I can't recite anything fomr memory other then just a few words. I am lucky to spit a few slogens out lol

  9. I loved that bit about lying next to C and waking up just to touch her and make sure she's there. I do the same thing with the hubs after I've been away on business. I try not to wake him because it's really all about me - but after all these years, he's used to it.

    Welcome home.


  10. Love reading your posts as usual. So happy to hear your determination to go together on the boat. I felt you were missing something and I know God will bring you the perfect caregiver. Wish I lived closer and I'd volunteer.

  11. OK, let me try this again.... 3rd time's a charm, right?
    In early sobriety, I memorized the 5th chapter of the big book. When I ran I would recite it to myself. It took a few years to realize that I had taken something beautiful and meaningful and turned it into nonsense by learning it by rote. It took years, but I un-memorized it!

  12. I love this! "away meetings" are great. It really inspires me too. I get used to meetings in my area, but seeing them elsewhere is like wow. People are doing this all over the country, all over the world and I get to be a part of it! Gratitude, you know?

  13. I always enjoy your photos. You have a really good eye. I love to get away too. My family used to tease me and say that if I just did all of the planning, I'd be good. I tend to be like my dad ( a home body) and want to be home after a few days. I listened to a hysterical Al Anon ( double dipper) speaker on You Tube...Tom Weston... have you heard him speak? I highly recommend it. He gave me an hour of belly laughs.


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