Monday, October 28, 2013

Catching up

We are still heavily involved with painting and renovating at the house.  The tile is down in the butler's pantry and has been grouted. Next will be installation of the new cabinets, counter tops, back splash and sink. Today, we are painting the dining room. It seems like the first floor is just a big mess, but we know it will come together soon.  At least, it won't be a four month mess like the kitchen renovation was.

We did take a few days to go out on the boat last week and went off the grid with regard to the computer. It felt good to not check email.  I did read a few blogs in Reeder. Other than that, nothing with the iPad other than watching a movie.  The crew was working at the house and the supervisor made sure that everything was going well. It was a good time to get out and away from the confusion while the old tile floor was being torn up.  Too much noise to stick around!

All else is going well.  We have emerged from the summer heat to enjoy the beauty of fall in the Lowcountry. The weather has been cool at night but warm during the day. Even though the outside beckons, we are not going away until the first floor painting and decorating is done. The goal is to finish up all of it in two weeks or less.

On Saturday, we are going to a black tie wedding. It has become quite the event in town.  So we will be dressed to the nines for the evening ceremony and reception.  A tuxedo and formal dress occasion probably means that both of us will be really uncomfortable by the time the ceremony is over.  We are planning to take some more comfortable clothes to wear for the party after the reception.  I am much more comfortable in worn jeans and a sweat shirt, but it might be fun to see how a group of us friends look when we clean up a bit.

The greatest news of the week was that a young man I sponsor just received notice that he and his parents have official visas and are documented residents of the U.S.  He will now be able to get a driver's license, get his bank account, and start applying to colleges.  It has been a long and difficult path to get to this point.  I am incredibly happy that the visa came through.  Muy feliz por ellos.

I'll be wielding a paint brush until I check back in again.  I'll leave you with some photos from the week.


  1. That blue sky of fall over us all. It is remarkable, and a surprise, every year.
    I think you should enjoy that wedding. Sometimes it is fun to get very dressed up, to feel special and occasion-worthy. To see each other in different clothes.
    And oh how good it will be when your work in the house is all done. You two have been so very busy this year. I am hoping that soon you can take more than a few days to be with each other, somewhere you are both happy, where there is nothing much more to do than to love each other.

  2. Great shots. Just reading about all the work you are doing in your house makes me tired. I wish you all the best. I hope the wedding is beautiful and the marriage is blessed.

  3. Love reading about your renovations and the last picture with your dog relaxing made me smile. Glad you checked in. :o)

  4. White tie, white vest and black tails were my "work clothes" for so many years, so I do identify with your wedding attire.

    Glad to read you again, found you on Anne Frank's blog, Syd. Sounds as if you are LIVING LIFE after retiring, and I'm enjoying to read that...also about your pigeon, God is doing good work there! Photos are worth the trip here, thanks!
    Steve E (formerly steveroni)

  5. Missed you, Syd. Glad the news is good and that your house is moving along. We have a small country place upstate that is slowly taking shape. We are totally off the grid, have solar (with a generator for backup) and just replaced our old wood burning box stove with a fireplace insert that is environmentally sound. New sheet rock and painting are next. Next summer, new floors. It's a lot of work, but all worth it. Please post pictures of your home improvements when you can!

  6. the dog looks sooooo content. I love it. want to see pictures of the tile!

  7. ha. sounds like a plan to change into something more comfortable...even just a tie freaks me out a little...glad i escaped that life...glad life is a bit unfettered for you of late...and that the projects are coming along...lovely pics...a beautiful escape...

  8. So happy to read about your sponsee and I am sure you helped him get through the waiting and uncertainty.

    The fun with formal affairs is when you can kick off your shoes and dance! Enjoy.

  9. Soooooooooo missed you my friend!!! Glad you got to "disconnect" and enjoy some peace. The weddind sounds like a lot of fun. I am one of those crazies who loves getting dressed up!


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