Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday before a big week

We are coming up on one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. It is a favorite because it is about gratitude.  Even though the Christmas decorations and music are filling stores, I ignore that as much as possible to focus on sitting down with friends to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. This year we are having over a young man who I sponsor and his family.  The family speaks limited English, but I'm sure that we will share a universal language of gratitude.

Thanksgiving also marks the time when my wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We were married on November 26 at my parent's home.  It wasn't a fancy wedding, but the occasion was happy. And it remains as clear in my mind as the day that it happened.

I'm not sure what we are going to do for our anniversary.  In the past,  we have worked in the woods, making a burn pile and enjoying being together outdoors. Occasionally, we have gone fishing or out to dinner. Every year has marked the passage of time that we have worked and lived together.  There certainly have been moments when I wondered whether our marriage would last.  But something has told me over these years that this person is as solidly a part of me as breathing.  She is my best friend. Neither of us knew how to have a real relationship when we married. That part has come over the years. And we still work at it. But I know that we are in this for life.  I knew that several years before we were married.

We have put together some Thanksgiving food for Hospice patients.  I have been delivering the packages to 18 patients in part of the metro area.  I started two days ago and will finish most of the deliveries today.  I visit with some of the people if they are available.  This has been a rewarding experience because they are so appreciative of having gift and someone to visit.  One petite 90 year old lady invited me in her unlocked house to sit with her and talk. She was cheerful and looking forward to Thanksgiving.  She asked if I would come to visit her again because I was "good company".

The weather is cold and windy today with the first frost promised for tonight. We have moved all the perishable plants to the greenhouse. The dogs are quiet, resting on their warm beds. I am heading out the door to deliver gifts to the sick and will check up on the boat. All is good here at the moment.  Wishing you some good things today in your life.


  1. Yes. Thanksgiving and the celebration of long-love is very much worth celebrating. Enjoy, Syd. You deserve it all.

  2. i like thanksgiving as well because there are no expectations...unlike is just a time to be together or with family....we will be traveling on wednesday and gone for the end of the week...good on you for thinking of those that will have no one...much love bro

  3. I am always amazed at how those who have gone through the recovery process have such a rich life filled with amazing perspective. I love your anniversary traditions and what you are doing for Hospice. Grateful this season for the many examples you write about here.

  4. I think doing Hospice work of whatever the perfect outlet for anyone with co-depedent leanings. lol If the truth be told. I am so glad that you are sharing yourself with that part of the population. YOU are a gift to them.....I know this, without ever having met you in real life.
    I hope your thanksgiving is lovely with your sponsee and his family. It sounds wonderful. <3

  5. Gratitude in action, that is what I read here.

  6. I feel so touched by your kindness Syd, you are your wife are so thoughtful.

    And I love the dogs. The sweet lab and that beautiful greyhound with the distinctive patch.

  7. I have finally come to the conclusion that as long as I wake up breathing Syd, it's all good from there.

  8. Happy Anniversary! You and your wife are an example of hope. What a priceless gift you have given those folks! Thank you for all your service. Beautiful photos of the pups, the evenings are cool here, so our pups are snuggling when ever they can.


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