Saturday, May 17, 2014

Here at the Pacific

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas around noon. It took a while to get baggage and make our way to the shuttle past all the hucksters. Competition for tourista dollars makes for a lot of land sharks. We were polite but not interested in a timeshare. 

After getting to the resort, we got something to eat and then walked to the nearest store to buy a few items for tomorrow. We plan on doing some cooking for breakfast and then eating out at local restaurants for a few meals.

This is a stunning place with the Pacific waves incredibly strong. So many sailing yachts of all kinds were out near sunset. And it was interesting to watch the boogie board competition going on. I have taken quite a few photos with my big camera but am sharing a few taken with the iPhone for ease of posting. 

Tomorrow we plan to go on an excursion into town. And there may be zip lining, horse back riding, historic tours planned as well. We will take each day and see what unfolds.

It seems alcohol casts its shadow every where. The screams, curse words, and door slamming coming from the room next door were cut short when I called security. I'm not willing to listen to people screaming all kinds of trash at each other. Now it's quiet. 

I have to say that the staff have been wonderful. They remember who we are and seem to truly want us to enjoy being here. I want this to be a place we can come back to again. I am definitely intrigued with the sail boats at the nearby marina. Any where with water makes me happy.

Before we left home, I learned that a fellow I know died suddenly. He was a bad alcoholic who would take in drinking buddies. Evidently, he took in a guy for a few days and got into a fight with him. The police were called and the fellow who beat up Larry was arrested for assault. Larry was found dead the next morning. 

And his dog, who is a sweet Labrador mix named JuJu, was taken to the animal shelter. When I heard about that, I drove to the shelter to rescue her. Fortunately, she has been adopted by a friend who has a yellow Labrador. He met me at the shelter and was able to take JuJu home that afternoon. It was a great relief to know that she has a good home.  So at least some part of the sad tale has a happy ending. 

It's time for us to take an evening walk. More from Cabo later.


  1. Ah, you are there. Here. It is quiet in Cozumel tonight. We have been to town and had our supper and then drove home through the peaceful streets. The wind has died down and the only sound I can hear right now are the waves washing the shore.
    May all be tranquilo where you are as well.

  2. Hi Syd: I just got back from a week in Tampa, Fl. Nowhere near as exotic as where you and C are. It sounds wonderful and I'm glad to catch up on your "doings" and to find you happily adrift ... ENJOY

  3. Oh Syd, Have a wonderful, restful, full of living time. lol I am so sorry about your friend....I have been surrounded by deaths lately and its making me so sad. I suppose thats a "normal" response.
    I am so looking forward to more pictures! Especially ziplining! lol Maybe they will have a go-pro you can wear!!

  4. ah sorry you had to see that shadow while you are there...i hope you have a wonderful time...the light in the golden...and i love the rocky coast as well....breathe deep man....

  5. Wow, Syd! Your description of a very exciting time - full of chaos, drama, right along with a great example of taking action as well as detachment within a beautiful and dysfunctional place of pleasure and shelter (well, somewhat, anyway). The pictures you took are beautiful, and look like something out of a James Bond Movie. I wish you a very memorable and exciting time, in spite of a few disruptions, which of course, you chose to NOT be part! Still, I find myself in a bit of an envious place watching you in this picto- gram-blog: A vibrant picture of my own chaotic life, which I now consider very exciting - as in never a dull moment.

    One thought - - - the worrisome beast of an enabler speaking here: Have fun, be careful, and get home.

    Love and hugs,
    Anonymous #1

  6. Wow, those pictures were taken with your iPhone? It makes me want to book a vacation there right away!

  7. Aye Cap'n row out and seize that caravel and set sail to shores far. Dodge the blockade and heave to only when captured by sights and sounds only dreamt of.

  8. Such beautiful images -- and the dramas to do with alcoholism are everywhere aren't they? Good to know JuJu has a home.

  9. Love the waves... being by the ocean makes me happy too! I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but glad to hear his dear friend JuJu has a new safe home.


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