Saturday, July 12, 2014

Convalescing and some Smoke

Woke up this morning to thunder and lightening with rain pouring down. Both of us have been sick with a cough, wheezing and then coughing so hard that our heads hurt. I knew that I was going to go to a doctor today if I woke up coughing, but my wife had refused to go--until this morning when she coughed up blood. Both of us took care of the animals and then headed to the nearest ambulatory care center.

So the upshot is that we both have asthmatic bronchitis, with her condition being more serious than mine. She had two treatments with nebulized albuterol and a couple of shots.  We are both feeling better this evening.  I have an albuterol inhaler and antibiotics. My wife has the same, along with some strong cough medicine.  I hope that in a few days we will be back to feeling good again because the last week has been rough.

I am supposed to go on the boat next week.  I don't know whether that will happen.  For right now, I am doing the necessary daily chores and getting some rest.

I haven't been to the gym in a couple of days.  But I did go riding on Wednesday and am contemplating getting back into riding, perhaps leasing a horse and doing some dressage.  It's been a long time since I was a serious rider. I am older, but my muscle memory came back when I had my first lesson with the dressage instructor down the road.  Time will tell about where this goes. But I have a new animal friend named Smoke.


  1. I'm glad y'all have what is needed to get back to feeling better.

    What a gorgeous picture of the horse. I think getting back into horseback riding would fit well with your talent as a photographer.

  2. oh riding would be fun...sounds like you need to be taking care of yourself and your wife right now...ack...i hope you both feel better soon...hard to do anything when you are struggling to breathe

  3. Rest, Syd. I am so glad y'all went to the doctor.

  4. Oh Syd, how wonderful about your new friend Smoke. I hope it works out that you can ride more. First get well though!
    I had a client who was almost 90 years old. He had always had horses as a boy and young man, so at the ripe old age of 84 he bought himself a horse. He knew it would be his last chance to own his own horse. Her name was Sapphire and she was an Arabian who was feisty and unbroken. A couple years after purchasing her, he had a stroke. I came in as the caregiver for he and his wife who had Alzheimer's. Part of my job was to feed and water the horse. He would sit on the deck that over looked the pasture and I would go down to visit with Sapphire. I would feed her and talk to her and brush her and before too long we were friends. She would run up to the fence to greet me when I came out, she would stand still for me and nuzzle my neck with her big nose while I brushed her. My client would always tell me how much he loved watching me work with his horse. Eventually both husband and wife passed away and Sapphire went to live on a beautiful ranch where she is with other horses and I think receiving some training. But I LOVED getting to forge a bond with her.....what an unexpected job perk that was! :o)

  5. I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my site :)

  6. How wonderful to expand one's 'fun' horizons - by adding horsemanship and ownership of a horse to one's repertoire! I can envision you proudly posting along (that is - if you ride English), riding this beautiful animal, and see a pair of loving and playful greyhounds loping behind. (I think it is wonderful that dogs are much like horses in their loving and trusting attitudes toward man.)

    In following your blog - story - I also have watched you set yourself free from the unintentionally enslaved enabling and caretaking of others who have not yet discovered how to get help. Keep on giving your loving example; there are many still who need to see for themselves - through your conscientious recovery in Al-Anon by claiming the 12 Steps to help you learn who you really are. Then, you have provided much sharing with your study of the 12 Traditions in becoming the gracious person in accepting others, without the compulsion of changing them.

    And, finally, your very first adventure from the 'effects of Alcoholism,' - - - the purchasine, readying for sail, and taking out the little 'Compass Rose' and growing each day while many of us watched you grow up emotionally and take on an independence with your getting a larger boat - the (please forgive my forgetfulness here; I just wanted to include your 2nd and larger sailboat) - - -

    At any rate, this is my reply which indicates my gratitude for 'spreading the word' of Al-Anon.)

    As I sit and write this, I can remember in the literature of our 12-Step Program the wisdom I heard when someone shared,'Live and Let Live.' This is my favorite slogan, which I needed to learn in order to help me mind my own business.

    Your blog today has awakened many memories for me, and I am grateful for your thoughts.

    God bless you.

    Hugs and Love,
    Anonymous #1

  7. Resting is sometimes hard for me but when I don't feel well it's mandatory.
    The body needs rest and there is always so much to do and learn. Nice to have smoke next door...

  8. Syd,I hope that the both of you get better real soon. asthmatic Bronchitius is no fun at all.that's why I am stuck using Symbolcort and nasal sprays twice a day.I just got switch to the symbolcort and am still adjusting to it.

  9. Ooooo, Smoke is a beauty! Let your passions take you where they must...

    And speedy recovery to you both! Rest, rest, rest...

  10. Bronchitis is rough but asthmatic bronchitis can be very hard to get rid of. Be sure to stick to your doc's regimen. Get completely well so you can concentrate on your horse venture. Best to you both.


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