Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting away

We decided to take a trip up to the mountains over the weekend.  It was unbearably hot on the island, with a new record set on Saturday.  The mountains were cooler and stunning in their beauty.

We watched the fog creep up from the valley and continue up the mountain where we were staying with a friend.  His drive way is straight up on a gravel road.  No room for error either on these roads with no shoulder and steep drops into gorges and ravines.

I was reminded of hiking in these mountains when I was in college.  I would spend a weekend every once in a while hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  Those were the days when I was in love with a graduate student who was a few years older than me.  We would camp out under the stars, wash in cold streams, and walk for miles.  Once we walked through a patch of nettles which caused our skin to sting and itch.  Tending to those spots where the nettles hit against skin was soothing in many ways.  We ran naked through meadows, picked wild flowers to put in our hair and made love every chance we got.  I haven't seen her in years but still remember that magical time in the mountains.

Now my wife and I make our own magic but without the wild abandonment of youth.  Likely there will be some good times because we are going to continue our vacation by going on the boat for a few days starting tomorrow. Off the grid again which is okay by me. A time to chill out and be rocked to sleep on the water.

I just hope that my back feels better--pulled a muscle in the lower back over the weekend and the pressure on the nerve is quite painful at times. I took a muscle relaxer and a hydrocodone pill this afternoon.  I don't like to take prescription pain killers, but I was hurting so badly that it seemed the best thing to do.

I picked up Pandora's ashes this morning.  She was reduced to a small container. I look for her in the morning, expecting to hear her meow.  No more worries over her now though.  We can go away knowing that the animals are doing well.

I can feel my eyes getting heavy.  The muscle relaxer is relaxing my whole body. Time for sleep.  Hope that your week will be a good one.  I'll leave you with a few shots of the Smoky mountains.  
Fog over the lake near Robbinsville, NC
Old log cabin near Robbinsville, NC
Nantahala National Forest

Tree of Shame at Tail of the Dragon

All kinds of parts and pieces of motor cycles are hung up on this tree at Tail of the Dragon. 


  1. Three years ago Darlene and I rode the entire Blue Ridge Parkway on our motorcycle from NC thru VA. We diid not add any parts to the tree of shame.

    The scenery was beautiful. We would go to the grocery store in the morning and by fruit, cheese and water and our lunch would consist of sitting on some outcrop of rock overlooking miles of beautiful valleys and mountains.

  2. Great memories you have shared. Each one special, in their own way...

    The scenery is absolutely beautiful, reminds me of the Clarens area close by.

  3. SO glad you got to go away with your bride for some rest and enjoyment. That's what it's all about. And there is a peace knowing that your beloved old cat no longer needs care, your worries.
    Have you ever gone to see a chiropractor? One might be able to help you with your back.
    Have good boat time.
    Peace to you and yours.

  4. wow, looks like a pretty cool place man...i have those places...we used to go up and sleep on the AT when we were in high school....and i like going back tot hose places...and it may not be wild abandon but we find our own rhythms as we age together.....and that i think is a good thing...

    hope your back feels better....

  5. The mountain stream looks magical. I am drawn to rivers and one day like to learn to fly fish. It is cool here in the summers but I can drive across the bridge for warmth fifteen minutes away. Our city is becoming unbearably expensive, so many of my friends speak of moving away due to the cost. My friends are my family and I get sad when they speak of departing. I have the program though and meetings throughout the week.

  6. WOW! What a beautiful place! I hope you back is better.

    So sorry to hear about Pandora.

  7. I should have figured you for a hippie child Syd. I LOVE driving those 2 lane mountain roads, freaks the wife out though.

    Have a good sail Moonblossom.

  8. I am trying to envision you romping around with garlands in your hair, Syd. I can't say I can top that ...altho one memory comes close. However, that was about 62 years ago so I may be embellishing the memory a bit !!!

  9. Pandora, that is what I named my cat in the early 70's, we found her on Oct. 31st, she was a little black kitten. I'm sorry for the loss of your Pandora.

  10. I am so glad you got have a get away. I am with Ginnie though....I am trying to envision you running naked with flowers in your hair. lol

  11. I love the look of that cabin. It's the sort of thing I would've done a watercolor painting of when I used to paint. Your hike sounds lovely. It's funny how the tone of magic changes as we get older.


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