Saturday, January 10, 2015

What's been happening here

It has been cold here for the last few days.  I went to the boat to spend the night in the worst of it.  And there was ice on the inside of the V berth bronze porthole when I awoke on Thursday morning.  I fired up the propane heater and the oven which helped to bring the temperature up to 70 F.

The cold would likely have killed a little puppy that I picked up off the highway when I was heading home on New Year's Day.  I had been to the gym in the early evening.  As I was turning onto our dirt road from the tarmac, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.  It was a puppy, scared and a bit wet from coming out of the field ditch.  I brought the little one home, fed him, and picked about a dozen ticks off.  We both thought that he was the smartest pup because he did not once use his crate for pooping or peeing.

I sent emails to the local vets and rescue groups with his cute photo.  Several people called about him. Last night, he was adopted by a couple who seem to be a good fit for the puppy.  As with any animal, I told them that if he didn't work out, to bring him back.  He definitely is adorable and very smart.
Sadly, there is tragedy already started so quickly in 2015.  Sickening world news of senseless killing, martyrdom, and all the other crazy happenings that make me want to retreat to the island, boat or barn and isolate. 

And locally, a man who I have known for over 30 years lost his only son to suicide on January 6.  The young man, age 22 was a senior in college, and had been distraught because of a breakup with his girlfriend.  I cannot begin to imagine this kind of pain for the parents or the kind of despair that the son felt to want to die.  

And I keep thinking to myself that I am lucky to be here. To have survived this long in spite of so many things that might have also taken me down.  I hope that my luck in living continues.  And I hope that those who are in despair today will find some comfort eventually.  I remain upbeat today.  Happy to be healthy and to have a lot of living to do.   


  1. so sorry about your friend and his son...suicide can be so hard on a family and to understand....

    cute pups...i am glad you found him a home....

    its freezing was -7 in the morning the other day...

  2. Your post made me grateful my son is a little too happy-go-lucky rather than prone to depression.

    What a cute puppy. I'm glad he found a safe haven.

  3. Syd, I so enjoy your posts. You are such a great teacher and coach for all of us out that read and follow.

    I feel compassion in your writing from rescuing a puppy to the empathy felt for parents of a child. You find such a way to share yourself that we all learn.

    Thank you my friend for allowing me to read of your life and sharing your wisdom.

  4. My heart aches for the family that lost their only child. There really just isn't much to write.

    I am glad you saved that puppy he sure is adorable.

  5. Lucky pup!

    My heart goes out to families grieving a suicide --- I always think of my own mother's death and how devastating it was for us all, how long it has taken to come to peace with that loss.

    I hope this will be a good 2015 despite the violence and wars.

  6. That puppy could have been meant for you and C Syd. *Shrug* Or the ones who adopted it an your part was to simply rescue it. Cold what's that? It's was abalmy 10 degrees here for all of last week, I tried to tan i my front yard but the neighbors all kept watering me.

    Death never takes a holiday, 2 since 1/1. I am tired of wakes and funerals.

  7. Awareness brings the ability to see what is going on around me...including puppies in fields.
    I am fortunate to have made it through dark times in my life if it wasn't for the program things would have looked differently for me.
    Learning everyday-- bringing into my world this lesson and then extend it out to the world around me...doesn't mean though some are re lessons over and over the same thing breaking through old storylines

  8. Hi Syd; there is so much in the world that seems to make no sense and then I look at that darling puppy who owes his life to you and it helps to calm me. I love that you can get peace on your boat. All the best to you and C.

  9. Syd, I am shocked you didn't keep the puppy! I so hear you on the world events.... very troubling and it makes me want to isolate too, but I have too much to do. lol I can only isolate in my dreams. Thank you for writing....I love knowing you are out here.


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