Saturday, August 1, 2015

A typical Saturday

A typical Saturday here.  Up fairly early to take the dogs for a walk, check on the weather (hot and humid), have a cup of coffee and a protein shake. Run some thoughts past my SO, telling her about some news on line and getting her thoughts. She remains my touchstone on most of what is important in life.

Taking my time this morning to get to the barn.  It has been oppressively hot with both my horse and me soaking wet after our ride yesterday.  I am going to the barn in a few minutes but am getting a late start today.  Still being lazy on a Saturday it seems.

The local regatta is this weekend.  Lots of people on the water, drinking and carrying on.  I have managed to miss this for the last 20 years.  I think I will get by with missing it again this year.

Later this evening I plan to go for a jog down the long dirt road.  Yesterday,  I waited until nearly nightfall to go for my two mile jog.  I count as I move along the dirt lane. It's an old habit and keeps me in step. Meanwhile, I look at the fire flies (still think of them as lightening bugs) who flash luciferase and increase in numbers as the night comes on.  I heard  something large moving in the forest. Probably a deer and not some predatory animal out to get me.  I carry a small flashlight to watch for snakes when I get to the darkest part of the wooded lane.

I am thinking this morning about more polarizing issues that have come to the surface, inviting us to choose a side. The lion *or* the people murdered in Chattanooga. The woman *or* the unborn child.  I believe that these are false choices. Can we not care about animal abuse *and* people murdered in service of our country, about the unborn child *and* the woman who feels backed into a corner by terrifying circumstances? And can we engage in respectful conversation with those who see things differently? These are serious issues that deserve more than a meme or a smug pronouncement.

My last meeting with the unity group exemplified the problem that not only exists between people of color and whites, but the absolute intolerance of those who think differently from us.  A woman came to the group who is a conservative.  A conversation on the Brady bill lead to several others in the group interrupting her and essentially shutting her down by telling her how wrong she was in her ideas about second amendment rights. It was rude to see how she was treated.  I spoke up, asking those who were most vehement to please let her talk.

Maybe our problem is that we have lost the ability to listen to each other because we are so entrenched in our own rightness?  I spoke with her afterwards and she said that she would come back if I were there.  Another woman I know has quit the group because she felt uncomfortable about being asked to let another talk without interruption.  I am reminded again and again that those of us who are working a program of introspection in recovery seem to be aware and accepting. It is still difficult to be out there among those who are not. Whatever...I doubt we will solve any problems but the view and the lunches are good.

And then there are the boys lost at sea off Florida.  What a sad thing.  I knew that they were gone as soon as the boat was found without them.  The ocean is a tough place.  How do you live with such a loss? No closure really. Tragically gone.

Well, I am going to get into my boots and head to the barn.  Nothing like horse smell to make me happy.

Hope that your Saturday is going well.


  1. Oh Syd, it's so good to read you. I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut I am known to do lol, and I haven't been keeping up. Let me tell you that your words are soothing. Especially in this time of so much turmoil and anger over issues. I LOVE your perspective of instead of Either/or....can we care about both? Yes I care about both! I don't want to choose. The unity group being Ununified Is almost funny if it wasn't so sad. Yesterday I encountered a woman who wanted to be in charge and had definite ideas about how a situation should be handled. I was busy trying to detach with love and give dignity to the person we were dealing with. It was like being caught in a war and I was the wimpy loser with all of my space giving! I hated it and had to calL my sponsor who asked me if praying for "miss bossy know it all" might be helpful to my spirit. Yes! I was so mad, I forgot about my positive tools and options. Thank goodness for our program! So happy to read you this morning!

  2. What a beautiful photo. And I wish more people - myself included - had the kind of steady level-headed courtesy you have.

  3. Distractions. The media is just about distraction.

    *sigh of relief* another counter. I also count when I bounce. I thought I was weird *grin*

  4. Good to hear from you my friend.

  5. I am in Roseland, and thus heaven. Somehow, in this little square mile of so of Florida, time has stopped.

  6. I agree with everything you shared in this post. The art of listening, accepting, and having compassion... is fading. But I know I am doing my small part in practicing those when ever I can in this world.

    I agree... the feel of my boots on and the smell of horses bring a huge smile to my face and heart! :) Hope it was a good ride! More photos of that beautiful horse, please!


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