Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tuning out chaos and hate

I have seriously gotten to the point where I am sick of reading and hearing about politics in this country.  I once liked to listen to news, but over the past year I have tuned it out.  I don't even read the newspaper on a daily basis, but prefer to catch up when I can.  Nothing but the same old stuff to read anyway.  And the media are like vultures waiting for the next blood letting to occur.  So I am shutting it out.

I know that I don't have to be in the thick of political discussions, but no matter where I go, it seems to come up.  Even on a trail ride yesterday where there was so much peace, a friend started talking about Muslims and not knowing what had happened to their religion.  I kept my mouth shut.  I don't need to get into a conversation that is going to end up polarized.  And I know that I am not going to change any minds.

One of the good things about practicing the principles of Al-Anon is that I can use them as a guide to life outside of the rooms.  And now, more than ever, I am glad that I have those principles.  Things like "How important is it?", "Never miss an opportunity to keep my mouth shut", "Take what I like and leave the rest", "THINK", and "Live and let live" come to mind.  I can tune out the chaos and the hate.

Since the last time I wrote, I have been asked to sponsor another fellow who just began in Al-Anon.  He recently separated from his alcoholic wife and is having a hard time.   The same aspects of behavior that I had are there: guilt, shame, anger, fear, obsession, anxiety.  But I know that we can work through all of these together.  I have seen it happen a number of times.  A sad person becomes a powerful person.  Willingness and trust is all it takes for us to walk together in recovery over the next months.  He seems willing and trust will come.  More will be revealed as we move forward in the steps.

I am seeing signs of spring here.  The azaleas are blooming.  The garden is looking good.  This winter has been mild for which I am glad.  I am going on the boat next week. With temperatures in the 70's, it is time to get on the water.   I hope that you are all doing well.


  1. Politics are super depressing these days. I'm glad you've found a way to no let them get you down too much.

  2. The world, needs a healthy dose of mood stabilizers, be it laboratory or holistically created. MI votes today, I will go and cast a ballot, I will also be more than glad when the clown show moves on.

  3. Tradtion 10, I practice the traditions in my personal life as well as before and after meetings. I have no opinion on outside issues. I have enough work just being the best version of me in recovery.

  4. Our Canadian election brought some peace to our country. I hope in the end the USA has a similar result.

    Winter was mild here, too. It was a welcome relief after last year's wild ride. Nice that you are getting out on the water early.

  5. It's wonderful to hear from you again, Syd. I agree about the politics...the only thing I would say is be sure to vote however. No matter who you vote for I know your choice will be made with sane thought and that seems to be a rare commodity. I'm glad you can get back out on the water ...

  6. It's hard to watch your country go through such a difficult political time. I am not surprised to read that you are detaching from the entire process. From outside, it looks like America hasn't yet found its bottom, but it's doing a darn good job trying. Stay safe. This too will pass.

  7. Dear Syd,

    Thank you for the topic. Yep, the news can be bleak. One particular politician is causing many grief. I am thankful for great friends. They fill me up with their support and compassion. I don't know how I could handle life's negativity without connecting with them.

    Many I found in the rooms of Al-Anon Family Groups.

    One thing I thank Al-Anon for is helping me to find and express my voice. If I am getting annoyed. I'll say so. Calmly. I say what is going on inside of me. This is a huge difference from my childhood. Then, I could not express disagreement, frustration or anger. Heck no.

    When in the presence of a negative conversation, I find saying, "I cannot connect with this conversation." is helpful. I ask, "Can we talk about something constructive?" It usually works. Especially if I say it gently, with a soft smile.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Thank you, for your honest writing. I admire your authenticity and ability to self-express.

  8. hallo syd :))))) so nice to see you again. hope you and c and all the fluffies are in good hands :)

    agree completely re news. I never ever listen to mainstream media news :) without wanting to depress you any further, I have to say I am a big fan of Guns and Butter Archives | KPFA podcasts. also the corbett report podcast. Means I can ignore much of the 'regular' news and get some decent facts instead that cut through much of the dirge that passes for mainstream news.. bleh. Can't listen to it anymore.. Doesn't depress me so much either. Some people I know call the newspapers 'the daily scare' lol Now thatI have stubled on news that makes some kind of sense I am able to enjoy it on some level. but yes all the political jockeying just looks like a bogus punch and judy show. i'm more in the Larken Rose vein when it comes to politicians lol. He does some excellent you tubes on the subject.

    I could not find the login details and just found them on an old puter, as other is being mended. :)

    Anyway very nice to see you still here, and C of course :)

  9. I was recently at a customers house who said "I would like to take Obama's head and bash it up against this wall two or three times" Whe she looked at me I guess my face said it all. It is sad that fear drives people to such hatred. It is all just a distraction from the peace that we say we want. The news is just entertainment more like a reality tv show than objective information. Sometimes you do have to speak up in a kind way and sometimes just the look on your face is enough.

  10. It's a hard year, Syd. Filtering out anger and negativity sounds like a good survival strategy.


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