Friday, March 23, 2007


I was thinking about sharing at meetings. I've heard people share in lots of different ways. Some people have to vent their frustration. Some have a great deal of sadness that pours out. Others are profound. Regardless, sharing doesn't have to be deep or philosophical. It can just be an expression of gratitude. For newcomers, sharing can be especially hard. It's probably intimidating to talk in front of a group and bare your soul. I was ready to share at my first meeting because I needed to get so much of my story out there. I have shared at every meeting if called upon because it helps me. However, I also listen intently to what others say and always learn something.

It's important for me to understand who I am. Many factors conspire to blind us to these insights, but if we remain vigilant, we may see that shining truths are all around us if only we can perceive them. Through sharing, I have the opportunity to illuminate not only who I am but who someone else is as well.

There are lots of benefits for sharing. First, people with whom we share are more likely to share with us. If you never open yourself up to the people, it really doesn't allow them to get to know you. Second, sharing helps us to better appreciate what we really have, and to discern what is most important. Finally, sharing helps us to determine what is worth having.

In sharing lies the key to unlocking greater significance in our own lives. You cannot really ride a bike unless you get rid of the training wheels, and you cannot really swim while clutching the side of the pool. Often it is both safer and easier to hold back. Yet in holding back and playing it safe, we lose more than we gain.


  1. it can take time to learn to share takes trust...and I can help to unlock life's tougher questions,answers,fears etc.

    oh and by the way..thank YOU for sharing at HNT hehehhehe good job!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us! It is a risk, but well worth it.

    And I concur with Tab. Thanks for sharing your HNT photo. oh dear.


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