Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Six weird things and a bunch of other facts

Okay, I've been tagged to write six weird things about myself. Here are the rules: People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things. In the end, I will choose 3 people to be tagged and list their names. I'm supposed to leave a comment on their blog that says they have been tagged and to tell them to read my blog!

I don't know what defines weird but I'll do my best:
1. I have 10 piercings in one ear
2. I have six other piercings
3. I once photographed a suspension party and a friend getting branded
4. I have a simian crease on one hand
5. I have Morton's toe
6. I think that leaving the toilet seat up is a sign of bad manners.

Okay after I've revealed all those weird things about myself (there are a few more that I can't mention), I guess that I'll tag Shannon, Mary Christine, and Christine.

After the six weird things, then I'm going to post another list I put together quite a while ago. It is 110 things about me:

1. I have no children
2. I have wished many times to have had a daughter
3. I was too fearful that I was too messed up to have a child
4. I would die for the people that I love
5. I am in recovery
6. From the effects of alcoholism
7. I have a mental list of things that I want to do before I die
8. One of those things is to live on a boat
  1. I have a bunch of piercings
  2. I am a Capricorn
  3. I don't put much stock in organized religion
  4. My father drank heavily when I was young
  5. He also hit me on several occasions
  6. I always believe in the wonderful fantasy of love
  7. I take photos for they are my memory and my sentiment
  8. I am pretty good at taking photos
  9. I like to drive fast
  10. I wear my seatbelt
  11. I am right handed
  12. I would like to be really good at photography and painting
  13. I've met some pretty self-important people over the years
  14. I’m not easily impressed
  15. I love the ocean
  16. I want to live on a boat with someone I love
  17. I have worked on the ocean as a career
  18. I could never live far from the ocean
  19. I do not like to cook
  20. I love music of all kinds
  21. I own a home
  22. I have a maid
  23. I get easily bored and need mental stimuli
  24. I have traveled quite a bit to some interesting places
  25. I don't bullshit, mindfuck, or play with people
  26. I don’t like people who try to bullshit, mindfuck or play with me
  27. I once had sex 8 times in one night
  28. I was never a truly wild person but I wanted to be
  29. I had a horse that I loved
  30. I was a good rider
  31. I used to do long-distance cycling
  32. I believe the full moon really does mess with people
  33. If you go to Google and key in my real name you will get quite a few hits
  34. I never liked my nickname
  35. I once went to an all nude strip club
  36. I sing sometimes but I sing badly
  37. I have all my original teeth
  38. I watch very little T.V.
  39. When I watch TV it is generally news or the weather channel.
  40. I spend too much time on the computer
  41. For both work and play
  42. I have no siblings
  43. My parents had me after 16 years of marriage
  44. My parents are deceased
  45. I smoked cigarettes when I was 6 years old
  46. I hate cigarettes and cigarette smoke
  47. I love antiques
  48. I will eat just about anything or at least try it.
  49. I have an adventuresome spirit
  50. I like all forms of exercise
  51. I think that I will live to be old
  52. I feel younger than my years
  53. I have been to one X rated movie
  54. I like deep long kisses
  55. I sleep in a fetal position
  56. I think that all forms of sex are okay
  57. I believe in the idea of a soul mate
  58. I don’t have any addictions
  59. I don’t take myself too seriously
  60. I believe you are never too old to learn something
  61. I believe in the downtrodden
  62. I wanted to work with Mother Theresa
  63. I have never been arrested
  64. I have never been in a jail
  65. I am fearless
  66. I love to laugh
  67. I have way too much STUFF
  68. I feel happy most of the time
  69. I do not like to pick favorites
  70. I do not like to use the word "hate" - it is such a strong word
  71. I like to go camping and roughing it
  72. My father told me that I should “cut the garment according to the cloth” which I seldom do
  73. I like the finer things in life but could do without them if I had to
  74. I am not a snob
  75. I think I'm nice looking
  76. I miss my mother and father
  77. I hope that they were proud of me
  78. I have learned to tie knots and do marlinspike seamanship
  79. I like comfortable clothes but appreciate style
  80. I like to sleep naked
  81. My favorite color is black
  82. I love animals
  83. I have too many dogs
  84. I don’t like gaudy jewelry on men or women
  85. I can curse a blue streak but generally only around people that I know really well
  86. I don’t like to kill anything
  87. I once was slapped by a friend
  88. I had wine thrown in my face by a woman
  89. I am a Democrat
  90. I don’t like things that smell bad including people
  91. I believe in reincarnation
  92. I would like to be reincarnated as a dog
  93. I have contemplated suicide
  94. I prefer to live and see what happens in the end
  95. I wish that I weren’t so serious
  96. I have few close friends
  97. I enjoy parties but after I’ve had enough I want to leave
  98. I’ve had to be tough in my job but am really a kind person
  99. I want to build a small boat
  100. I would like to visit Africa and the Amazon
  101. I would like to see the pyramids before I die
  102. I don't believe that marriage is a good idea
There you have it. It's a day of things about me.


  1. wow..that is a lot of YOU
    (and piercings!)I had fun reading your wierdness(and unique-ness)..
    keep adventuring in life Syd :)
    thanks for sharing ..!

  2. You sound like someone who would be nice to be friends with. Great lists, thanks for sharing.


  3. oh my gosh!!! Another Capricorn!!

  4. YAY.......a Democrat... I'm going to have to look up the 'Morton Toe' and the Simian Crease.

    If you have dogs.. good you leave the seat and cover down.. so they don't drink the water. :)

    I KNOW you would NOT have MESSED up a child.. but Addictions are hurtful to children.

    I have some friends that never had children and I tell them for every YING there is a YANG. :).. they got to experience more things than me.

    DINKS.. stand for Double Income No KIDS.. lol....

    Being a MOM to 3 was a lot of WORK; more than doing my freelance work.. lol. I give myself an A- on raising the first two........and an A+ on the last one so far (but he is way easier to raise).

    You have a great eye for PHOTOS.. very nice.

    I'm staying on the computer too much .. BUT because of the Cold. I spent 3 nights reading someone's else's blog.........hers was superlong. I learned so much. I'm becoming LESS CODIE. (seeing myself in others.. yikes.. I can relate .. and I don't want to be a CODIE ever again. ). How arrogant of me that I thought I could Change anyone.. lol.


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