Saturday, April 7, 2007

Thinking about a resurrection

I've never thought much about the true deep significance of Easter. I know the biblical story and have participated in church services for many years but it always seemed to be a fantastic story to me. I just couldn't relate to the idea of resurrection because I was thinking in my scientific mind about how this could occur. What I was doing was missing the entire point.

Now after being in Al-Anon for 8 months, Easter feels very different to me. It signifies an awakening, new life, wonderment, and hope. It's as if a stone has been rolled away from my heart and I'm experiencing a resurrection of my own spirit.

Last night, I went to an AA meeting where the topic was fear. Everyone there expressed fear about relationships, drinking, self-worth and new directions. I was reminded once again that if we just give our fears over to our Higher Power, things will be manageable. It seems that struggling to cope with the complexities of life remain too much for many of us. That's why having a belief that things will be better if we Let Go and Let God is important. I'm still not a religious person but I've come to know a spirituality that provides a lot of comfort. If I hadn't found this program, I'd still be walking around as a shell of a person, letting anger, resentment, and fear rule my life. I still have a long way to go but today I see the promise of a new life and a new way of thinking. I'm very grateful to this program, my sponsor, and those who have been on this journey of recovery with me.

"Without faith in a power greater than myself, I am like a storm-tossed ship without a rudder. I am flung from one trouble to another; however bravely I may battle the elements, my own strength and wisdom are not enough.

All of us need something to cling to with absolute confidence. If I have been disillusioned by disappointments, or have been let down by someone I trusted, it makes me feel as though I were alone and vulnerable in a hostile world.

I will not deprive myself of God's help and guidance.......Confidence and dignity are restored to us by the knowledge that we are God's children." From One Day at a Time in Al-Anon


  1. "It's as if a stone has been rolled away from my heart and I'm experiencing a resurrection of my own spirit."
    Syd - very beautifully put. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. in spiritual is the word ritual

    this morning I read about faith and today I am so grateful to have it, faith. I didn't have any when I came in--

  3. connected at the heart through recovery.....thank you my brother

  4. Oh, Syd - - - I am so touched by your sharing! I can't make any further comment - - - your words are beautiful. Thank you for the tenderness.

  5. Yes to all of the above...Syd to me you ARE a symbol of hope that we can ask for help and learn to heal one day at a time! Thank you for sharing on this journey we are on!
    Love and HUGS

  6. Great post syd. especially the stone bit. very true. it is like that.
    Made me think. Which I always like!
    Have a great easter break!


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