Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Close quarters

I'm getting my gear together and starting to think about being in close quarters with a lot of people that I don't know very well. It isn't bugging me so much as making me look forward to seeing how I'll deal with it. Last year when I was on the ship, I hadn't started in my program. This year, I'll be dealing with a lot of people that I am barely acquainted with. Being on the ship and working shifts round the clock can do strange things to your head. I'm working the 12 noon to 12 midnight shift so I'll not have my biological clock as messed up as I thought. Nonetheless, it's hard for the first few days until you get used to the motion of the ship and the long hours. Generally after a few days onboard, time becomes irrelevant as does the day of the week.

Working together in such close quarters requires team work, but it is also exhausting mentally and physically. I've got my trusty IPod filled with files from as well as my books. If nothing else, I can have my own meeting with a party of one to keep my spiritual side from sliding. I have to say that one of the greatest things about being at sea is the simplicity of it all. You're on a schedule, there are no phones, email comes twice a day, and you're surrounded by some of the most beautiful and wild scenery that the HP put for us to enjoy. It's life without a lot of extraneous "noise". Challenging but also thrilling.


  1. Syd,
    I haven't been around as much lately and I think I missed something very important -- like --where are you going and what are you doing? ;-)
    I loved this post, Syd. It even makes a 12 hour shift sound wonderful. But then, I love all of your posts -- all of them.
    Please catch me up on the details if you can. (
    Peace to you,

  2. The thought of no phones, ect. sounds perfect to me.

  3. I love the sea but never learned to sail. that trip sounds great. I know someone who plans to spend 5 !! years at sea with just her husband starting this june. Brave! if you find that kind of stuff ? interesting I'll send you the web page ref (as they plan on logging it all online..) don't ? think you have a email address on there. but my email address works if you send me an email address there, ill send you the link. I hope she doesn't go horribly stir crazy and fall out with her hubby. Anyway, have a good trip whatever happens, and thanks for the great sea pics!

  4. LOL, Scout, your so darn cute. ;)

    Thank our mighty HPs for iPODS and sober casting. More so, thank our HP for all those gifts placed right in front of us . . .

  5. I have to ask you again...will you be taking us on board via lap top?
    Be sure to let us know as some may suffer sea sickness and might have to take a little something for it.
    (Non narcotic of course!)

    I simply cannot imagine life as sea my friend..what a wonder!

    Good luck..thanks for sharing:)

    ps.Thinking you may want to hold off on the HNT picture taking till you are back on land,in private.
    Just say'

  6. Does this mean we are going to have to go without Syd? I will miss you!

  7. may I have your email address? mine is on my profile on my blog. So there will be no posts while you are away I guess...(sigh). Your shift will include the sunset! Thats wonderful....

  8. WOW, what do you do...??? I wanna go. And Where are you going? what will you be doing out at sea...? I want to know :)

  9. I also don't know what you do to be working offshore, but ...
    For 3 years (1981-84) I worked on a 200' long oil exploration boat. We worked 4 weeks onboard, 2 weeks off. Intermittent port calls during that 4 week period really fueled my alcoholism.

  10. I hope you have a great experience this time out at sea. It must be great to get away from it all and be one with nature.

    I visited Al-Ateen when I was 15 (at my mom's suggestion) to learn how to deal with my dad. I remember thinking that he wasn't as bad as everyone else's dad in the group, and that I didn't have to go back. Denial at it's finest.

    Alcohol eventually killed him...a slow, debilitating death brought on by one too many martinis at a Christmas party and a fall on his head that same night. Martinis were always a killer for him...nasty bastard...he was funny as all heck on beer.

    You are on a great path, and young enough to benefit from everything you learn and take it well into your future. Good luck to you.

  11. Wow...Good luck on your trip. It sounds like great fun and a lot of hard work. I love the ocean. I will be there in spirit :)


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