Friday, May 4, 2007

Contrary to Ordinary

I never live my life through other people's eyes
I guess I've always been the one they said was
Too tall, too late, too early
Yeah, he's the one
You ought to be in the circus
You're having too much fun

Just a one-man band, a one man gypsy circus
Finding out each piece of the puzzle has a purpose
Drifting and dreaming
Yeah, that must be my fate
Always grinning down the devil's throat
Blazing with aces and eights

And I was contrary to ordinary
Even as a child
Fast freights made me wonder
The full moon still drives me wild
And stories do come true
You just got to live your life in episodes
With one eye on a lady
And one eye still on that open road

And when I die don't put no tombstone on my grave
Just have my friends throw a great big party
Toss my ashes out across the waves
Don't bring no preacher man down
Just to tighten up my past
Just tell 'em how I like to live
I like to sing and dance and laugh

And I was contrary to ordinary
Even as a child
Fast freights made me wonder
Full moons still drive me wild
And stories do come true
If you live your life in episodes
With one eye on a lady
And one eye on that open road

Sung by Jerry Jeff Walker
Lyrics by Billy Jim Baker

I always liked the way Jerry Jeff sings this song. It is one that makes me think how it's a-okay to be different and not go with the main stream. I think that living life in episodes is what I've done for years and thankfully, I've got a new chapter or maybe a whole new book. And it's true that finding each piece of the puzzle has a purpose.

I don't have anything that's weighing heavy on my mind today. It's Friday and I'm happy for that. Once again, there's the promise of a few days to do something or to do nothing. I'm just going to let things evolve without making any plans. Being contrary to ordinary is okay with me.


  1. Sounds good to me Syd! I might just join ya in doin' nothing this weekend. Be happy rock!
    love and HUGS

  2. Have a great contrary to ordinary weekend!

  3. I just read some of your posts and have every intention of reading more but first I need to comment. First, thanks for visitng my site and making a comment. It was in this way, I was able to track you and I am really glad I did because I am new to Al Anon and see so many of these people who attend these meetings have a complete serenity or peace of mind. I want that too. I feel like a cracked vessel and my life has been about remaining afloat. I want more than that kind of life. I am still trying to get pass the first step by admitting I am powerless and that my life has become unmanageable. For so many years I have tried to fix the problem. I have tried to take control. Reading what you have written in your own blog has been a comfort. Thanks.

  4. Awesome post Syd..!
    We enjoy you being contrary to the ordinary..hehhehee..!

  5. excellent progress! yeh. 'to thine own self be true'. Conforming is EASY. It is living with integrity and authenticity that is extraordinarily difficult. So many people are on auto pilot, and don't even stop to ask themselves what they REALLY want. or what they REALLY believe to be true. I find being honest with myself one of the scariest things in the world. the answers i come up with about what is 'true' NEVER seem to gel with social norms. reality is VERY challenging! well that's what I find anyway.
    A large part of being true to myself was talking inventory of my pride in the form of "what will people think of (the great) me?" in step 4. I was riddled with it. Making that ego puncturing admission time after !! time, with seemingly endless resentments, made me NEVER want to think like that again. Now I REALLY notice when I find myself thinking that, and I cannot entertain its legitimacy. Step 4 (for me anyway) really 'put the boot in' to my defects of character. Just made it REALLY difficult to take the thinking the defects provoked with ANY seriousness whatsoever. So I think that's helped me disregard what other people think I 'ought' to be doing. Really, its nobody's business but MINE what I am doing, just like its none of MY business, what everyone ELSE is doing.

  6. Sounds good! It is good to be contrary at times.

  7. My dad always called me contrary, which offended me for some reason.

    I've always said I wanted people to have a party when I died instead of a funeral. And I want to be cremated. But I want a to have a cool headstone so kids can do fun grave rubbings from it.

  8. I am enjoying this commercial-free episode of your program. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.


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