Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interesting time in port

It was an interesting in port. Miami is a surreal place but to be at the Port Authority and watch the mammoth cruise ships come in was even more surreal. We docked around 11 PM on Thursday. During the night the Majestic came in so when I went out on deck in the morning, there is was. Some of us got off the ship after we docked to walk around for a bit. It was nice to be on terra firma.

Tonight was interesting as it was our first full day in port. There were quite a few of the scientific staff who were feeling no pain when they arrived on the ship. One of the ladies had to be carried back on board. Seeing the scientist being hauled on board made me think how glad I am that I'm not having to be around that level of drunkeness anymore. I won't wax philosophical about how drinking changes the personality or any of that since you already are well aware of that.

I had gone out to walk around during the morning but was back on board to talk to the crew and get a full tour of the engine room and rope lockers in the evening. I was really impressed with the below deck engine area. It was totally spotless and highly organized. Anyway, we are getting underway in the morning. I would rather have just kept our rhythm of sampling and not had to stop. That way we would have gotten home a couple of days early. Soon, soon....


  1. well today, the drunk female will probably wish she had toured the engine room with you. I'm enjoying my journey with you!

  2. Your story reminds me of how grateful I am not to have deal with all the consequences of drinking any more. Thanks for sharing.

    Peace out,

  3. Hi Syd,

    Sounds like your 'mother ship' is a good secure place to stay detached from the big city bustle. At least on the sea there is predictability - security - in sameness. I feel the disappointment at hearing your words regarding the poor woman needing to be carried back aboard after the partying. At least she is now in a safe place, away from the 'demon rum' and able to get herself back together again. My experience is that no drunk really wants to be drunk; that's where I learned compassion - even though I found it necessary to be detached - and not pulled down by the dysfunction. Thanks again for the learning insight. Hugs! Anonymous #1

  4. You're longing for home after all the anticipation for the trip. Funny how that works, isn't it? I think it was Scout who posted a great quote about home and the heart this week.

    I would not want to experience being hungover on a boat. Glad to have missed that adventure. Did have a brief flirtation with it in Australia, but I wasn't quite hungover because I was still drunk. Was quite ill, however. Unpleasant memory.

  5. yep- I can look at people who are still practicing and see their consequences and be so grateful... because but for the grace of God there go I...
    keep writting I want to know more more more about your trip
    have fun : ) I cant wait to see the pics

  6. I was always glad to be on terra firma, especially after a drunk! Thanks for sharing that story...
    love ya


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