Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Loading gear

Today is going to be a bit of a frenzy since all the rest of the scientists will be arriving and all the gear will have to be loaded on the ship. A U-Haul truck is bringing the big stuff such as carboys of ethanol, sampling gear, lots of jars and microscopes and other miscellaneous things that will be used during the cruise. I've got get some bait to be used for catching fish from which tissue will be extracted for contaminant analysis. I'm not sure how fishing will get fit in during the 12 hour shifts that we do. My guess is that we'll have to get all the priority work done first and then if there is time to collect fish samples, that will happen. I'm thankful to be working the 12 noon to 12 midnight shift.

Not much else to write about so far. It's already hot and steamy. People are trying to get things ready and the familiar smell of the ship takes me back to last year when I was on here. I'm in the Chief Scientist quarters which is nice, although a bit small and cramped. I'm sure that it will get even smaller after two weeks.

My section of the desk is filled with my journal, Al-Anon and AA books, and my books on decorative and practical knots. It will be relaxing to do some knots and make some decorative things like turks heads for some of the crew. It's good therapy and very calming work.

Thanks for all your kind comments. I miss my blogger buddies.


  1. And you are missed as well. Thank you for sharing your fascinating work with us!

  2. I miss you already, Syd. I'm pulling out the email addy as we speak.
    Take good, good care.

  3. Knots can be decorative? Holy crow. You should see what a mess I make. And they don't even hold.

    Hope you are enjoying the waves rocking. I always like that part.

    Yep, your calming presence is missed.

  4. It sounds so romantic. I hope you have a fabulous time and I will miss you for sure.

  5. How can you miss us we right here?!

    Are we sailing yet?!
    Are we there yet ?!

    Beep Beep..
    lemme honk the horn thing!

    Scout and JJ are smoking in the bathroom ..!!!

    Now if will excuse me I am going to see if there are any cupcakes in the galley!?

  6. I am excited for you. You are gonna have such a good time. take lots and lots of pics and post em. I want to see!
    we will miss you

  7. 1. I understand hot and steamy (Houston) ;)
    2. I think knot making could be very relaxing!
    Have some fun......and then let us know about it!!!!
    thanks for all you share.

  8. LOL@Tab!!! I don't know how you could possibly miss us, we all smuggled in with your luggage!
    Let's go fishin'!


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