Monday, May 14, 2007


I made it to the ship yesterday without any problems. It was a smooth drive, and I got all my gear on board. I met up with an old friend tonight for dinner. It was good to sit and talk about what's been going on in our lives and to reconnect after several months. He's been in AA for many years and is a good guy. He still has a degree of worry though that no longer plagues me like it used to. Now I just figure that all will be okay as long as I trust in my HP.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • Making it to the ship after a long drive
  • Knowing that the dogs are okay and that the old girl who is sick is still holding her own
  • Feeling content and peaceful
  • the fact that stress isn't something that owns me any more
  • my sponsor getting home after a long road trip
  • having friends around the world who write, read and care
  • having an interesting life that still has many promises yet to be fulfilled
I'll be writing more on this continuing saga.


  1. Glad you arrived safely and thanks so much for posting and keeping us in your loop.


  2. Glad you made it safely, Syd. I will continue to pray for your old girl.

  3. What an awesome well lived gratitude list Syd! Ships Ahoya Matey!..(is that how ya say it?lol)
    Tab gets excited about being on the ship...hehehehehee...I am so excited we going to sea with you!
    You kick ass dude.
    Hope you don't get eaten by a mutant seagul or anything..and for god sakes..put some clothes on! lol
    (I would SO miss my loved one's and pets for two weeks so it is a good thing this is just a cyber sailing for us


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