Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day at home

I had a happy home coming. My SO was glad to see me and we spent time catching up on a lot of things. It seems nice to come home and find her happy. She's managed to do so much while I was gone as well as work her job. She said that it kept her busy and productive. I can see that there is much more peace and serenity with her at this time. She's been going to meetings, which is something that I'm going to do tomorrow. I plan to go to the evening Al-Anon and then a noon AA meeting on Wednesday. I doubt that I'll have much time for one on Thursday as I head back to the ship that afternoon to get ready for another 11 day cruise starting Friday morning.

All around the town today there were flags flying and lots of happy people enjoying this holiday. I can remember going with my father and my uncle to the Memorial Day ceremony in my home town. If I remember right, the veterans wore poppies on their coats. This probably isn't done anymore but it seemed significant at the time. Here's hoping that regardless of our political persuasion, there can be remembrance of those who gave their lives for what they believed in. I'm also hoping that there will be a day when there won't be any more names added to the lists of those who were killed in action.

Today I'm grateful for :
1. Being home and having a home to go to
2. Having people who love me and care about me.
3. Having a couple of meetings to go to this week
4. Those who gave their lives for something that they believed in
5. A Higher Power who guides me along my path to serenity
6. Having lived a full life with all of its ups and downs, yet still feeling alive and reasonably happy.

I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs tomorrow. There just hasn't been enough time in the last couple of days to check what you have been up to.


  1. Glad your home and I like your Memorial Day thoughts.

  2. Oh my goodness gracious! I just misspelled "you're" Sorry.

    Glad you're home.

  3. glad you're home and there was joy and serenity to greet you...enjoy those meetings! I remember those poppies in the lapels too....

  4. Isn't it great to be home, especially a home filled with love for you? Welcome back!

  5. I'm glad you made it home and that your holiday was pleasant. I don't remember poppies, but I do remember blue forget-me-nots being worn by veterans. I kind of liked those, although they made me feel a little sad too. I was a kid and I couldn't understand why people would forget and had to be reminded.

  6. Well now that you are back home..I guess the real adventure picks up again huh? lol..that Oceanic trip was a vacation compared to Cosco line ups and domestic duties huh?
    lol..just teasing ya Syd.
    I appreciate you taking all of us out with you during your time away from home...thanks for sharing :)

  7. Welcome home. Those little "poppies" remind me of my Dad and being a young girl, he always wore one on his lapel and always bought one from the gentlemen selling them outside of the supermarket. Thanks for the memory of my Dad is healthier happier days.

  8. Syd,
    Here in Canada, we celebrate Remembrance Day on November 11th, my son's birthday, and everyone wears poppies.
    I'm glad you're home safe and sound and spending time with your SO.
    Nothing like being away to make you appreciate home and loved one's.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date on your voyage. Let us know when you're off again.
    Wishing you health & happiness!

  9. Ahh glad you're home safe and sound...and that your home sounds safe and sound.


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