Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Day

At the end of the day yesterday, I was very tired. It had been a long shift with lots of samples to process. Everyone was beat when midnight came around. The seas aren't too bad, just enough to make taking a shower not so easy. We are moving in closer to Tortugas Ecological Reserve so hopefully the seas will subside a bit.

Today has been slow with a 3 and a half hour steam to the station. We did have some fun with putting together a post card from the field. We all stood under the A frame on the stern with our sampling gear and the sea behind us and got our group photo taken for submission to a NOAA publication. The CO was taking the photos by standing on one of the deck tables.

Everyone seems to be in good spirits with the idea of getting into Key West. I liked dAAve's comment on port call = bar call. It will have to be a short bar call because the at sea watch bill is standing for the duration of our time in Key West. I want to get a dinner off the ship and maybe walk around for a while to take some photos. Other than that, I have no plans that include any bars. It would be nice to be able to get in a meeting while there but I'm not sure that will happen. I'm going to check to see if there is one within walking distance of where we dock. Thankfully, I feel better today and after getting a good night's sleep have a happy outlook on the day.

Today I'm grateful for:
1. Not getting sea sick and being able to get my work done
2. Taking a hot shower
3. Being able to laugh at the antics of the crew and scientists in good humor
4. Seeing a little bird that lives on the ship flying about
5. Hearing from my blogging friends who have touched my life
6. Knowing that I don't have to spend my life out here, and that to go to sea is a choice for me
7. Being able to tie some of the more complex knots in the dark

Hope that everyone is having a reasonable day and that you find something to make you smile even in the most trying of circumstances.


  1. ah your spirit sounds so light and breezy. This trip seems to be just what you needed. Taking real pleasure in simple things.

  2. Isn't it great? I'm happy that you're enjoying your mates and the simple things in life. I heard Key West has many grand places to visit. Apparently it was Hemingway's home away from home!..I heard he sat in a bar all day long, writing and drinking. Go figger!
    I guess when you take a trip like that, you get a chance to sit back and look at your life from a different view...and realize what is important to you! Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life, and slowing it down, makes you wonder why we run so fast, what are we chasing and is it worth it? Doesn't it? Hope you're not too homesick!
    We are all thinking of you!

  3. Reading your posts are enough to make me smile even if I am having a bad day. I really do like your outlook on life.

    Enjoy your time ashore.

  4. oh that little bird on your list just lit up my heart Syd.
    Ahhh yes...and humor..I think it was included in humanity's wiring to save most of our sanity while figuring out this thing called life...on sea,land or otherwise!
    Great post and I look forwards to seeing some of those pic's you may take along the waves and paths of this journey/job/adventure :)

  5. I am really glad you can continue to post while away. I enjoy reading your uplifting words of wisdom.

  6. Hi Syd - - - I love the 'little bird part' also! Thinking about you a lot today. Be safe. Love ya - - Anonymous #1

  7. Reading your post always brings a smile to my face, and lately there have been many trying times for me ! So thank you for being here, wherever you are!

  8. ...the little bird onboard your craft made me think of my the squirrel, fondly called 'Daniel', he made my gratitude list the other day, it's those little miricles that all add up to a great life.

    Have a good visit on land and a safe journey my friend!



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