Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today the doldrums hit with the heat beating down on deck. The seas subsided to a chop and the water looked like oil. It was the first time that I actually felt hot outside. The routine is settling in and it looks like there will be a brief break in which we go into Key West for an overnight and then head out again. I'm not sure when the Key West port call will occur but the crew seems very happy about it.

I've felt restless today, largely because we've had a lot of steaming time between stations. I read and catch up on some paperwork but there really isn't much else to do. I'm not a movie person so I don't want to sit for 2 hours and do that. Maybe it's just being on here and listening to the same stuff. One fellow on here who is an engineer uses F**K for every other word. It gets old after a while. What a short vocabulary and one that loses its effectiveness when that word may really be called for.

My gratitude list today is that I am:
1. Glad to have more words on my tongue than a curse word
2. Happy to have a home to go back to when I get off the ship
3. Grateful for receiving emails from blogger friends and loved ones at home
4. Looking forward to a good night's sleep when the shift is over
5. Reading a good book that helps to pass the hours steaming
6. Thankful for being physically fit and able to do my work
7. Loving every moment that the day has to offer, since even the bad ones teach me something


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  2. I am glad you have a bigger vocabulary than that fellow too, your blog would be very boring if you didn't. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

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  4. I had to write my comment again because I wrote that I am a new reader and "addicted" - I did not mean to be insensitive but only demonstrating that your writing is interesting, honest and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I am glad that I found it through Matty of "Running on Empty" I am looking forward to catching up on your blog (not a big fan of bad TV).
    Good luck on this journey and the one of life as well.

  5. Hi Syd,

    It's so refreshing to see you working the program --- even while out of a 'home' element. As for the other guy's vocabulary, I once told my own children any dummy can use 4-letter words; it takes a real intellectual to speak in good grammar, particularly when insulting someone! You also brought back some 6th grade memories in geography class of the 'doldrums' - - a real atmospheric dilemma on the ocean - - where boats once sat motionless for days till the next breeze in a sail. Thanks for the thought-provoking and memory making comments! Love the gratitude list, too. --Anonymous #1

  6. I just love that we can learn to look fo the best in any given situation today. I am glad to see you still posting Syd, I thought I would hafta go cold turkey unil you got back to land!
    Love and HUGS to you today, I may even throw in an e-mail to give you something else to read!

  7. Syd,
    That's what I tell the grandkids when they slip and say, Freak, or Frigg......that it shows the extent of their vocabulary. At 9 & 11, they pick these words up quickly.,but I told them it's 'street talk' and don't want to hear it.
    It would be nice if you had some intelligent, witty people on board so you could get into some really interesting conversations.
    To me there is nothing as stimulating as great minds sitting together solving the worlds problems.
    I'm glad to see you're still posting....and letting us have a peek at your journey.
    Safe sailing.

  8. I agree that the F-word should be saved for occasions that it's real impact will be heard! It IS a useful word in it's right time.
    Key West will be big fun for those on board who part-tay, so stay tuned!
    Peace, Syd,


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