Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thoughts for Mothers

I remember all those Mother's Days when I would get up early and put cards out and pick some flowers from the yard for my mother. The cards were the ones that I had made, with stiff paper and colored with crayons. Later on, I bought cards, but they never seemed to have the same significance for me as those early ones that I made. The flowers could be anything from what was growing, usually tulips, daffodils, and irises, to some wild flowers. My mother would always act surprised and happy. She kept all those cards, and I found them among her personal affects after her death.

Because Mother's Day was always on a Sunday, we would go to church. Mother always wore a red rose signifying that her mother was still living. I don't know if this is still a tradition in the South or not anymore, but it seemed a little sad to me since there were others, such as my grandmother, who had pale roses indicating that their mother had died.  I can remember hoping that my mother would never die.

So today I'm wishing for all the mothers that there is some happiness in knowing that you are loved. Inside the core of every child, there is a bond with the one who gave us life, no matter what the actions or words of the child may be. I hope that you enjoyed your day, did something good for yourself, and realized that you are a very special person.


  1. I know that one day my children too, will find the box with all their Mothers Day wishes inside. I'm glad I got an insight from you....knowing that they will appreciate that I saved every single one.

  2. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. Thank you for being part of my recovery.

  3. Hi Syd... I imagine today must be a little tough for you, but as a mom, I just wanted to say, that sharing about finding all those cards that your mom had saved touched my heart! I just know that your Angel mom is smiling down for you today, and the wonderful man that you have grown to be!
    I so love you today- on behalf of mother's everywhere!

  4. Thankyou for sharing, how lovely to find she had kept all those cards... we often never really find out the positive affect our actions have on other people or theirs on ourselves

  5. Syd,
    You're right! I know I have a tight bond with both of my sons. I think mothers everywhere save those special cards and poems. I know I have.
    I'm sure your mom is watching over you today and everyday.
    Thank you for the mother's day wishes.

  6. I have all of Jolie' sweet and dear, and you have given me a warm feeling of love for your Mom too today. I surrounded her with light just now in a prayer of thanksgiving for giving the world Syd.

  7. Thanks for the lovely post. Reading it brought up that old memory of the rose colors. I forgot all about that.

  8. What a beautiful post, Syd. How sweet that must have been to find she had saved all of those cards her loving son made for her.
    (Yes, they still do the rose thing here in this part of the South-- Mugsie went to church and told me about it.)
    Thank you for another sweet post for the mothers among us.

  9. There are bonds between Mother and child that words cannot express.
    Nice post.Thank you Syd.

  10. What a women your mom must have been to have raised such a kind man.


  11. Hey..just a note to say Bon Voyage Skipper Syd! Wishing you a safe and serene time on the seas.
    Tab xo

  12. it ok if I call you Skipper ? lol

  13. As i think you will be off soon, hope its not too manic getting ready, and have a good time while you are away. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

  14. Oh no I didnt think my comment from yesterday showed up. I wanted to thank you first for your sweet words on blog for mothers day! I just think you are so sweet. I hope today (yesterday) you had a great day!
    and Happy Monday again (((hugs)))

  15. This is a lovely tribute to your mother. It was a nice post to read for Mother's Day.

    In case you don't post before your Grand Journey, I wanted to wish you well. I hope you have a terrific time and that you learn a lot both personally and professionally. I look forward to your posts from the sea.

    Fare thee well~


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