Thursday, June 28, 2007


I used to think that I had all the answers to a multitude of things because of my education. Now I've come to realize that I really only know just a small fraction of things. I've learned a lot since I started going to meetings. These are things that I've learned about myself and have profoundly affected how I deal with others.

Many things still remain a mystery. But as they say, more will be revealed . In the meantime, Damifino:
1. Why the program works but it does.
2. What the future holds but I'm satisfied with this day.
3. Why I wasted so much time worrying and feeling guilty since those aren't important now.
4. Why I wanted to be perfect because there is no such thing.
5. Why I thought I could control outcomes and people when I just needed to look within myself.

I hope that everyone has a good weekend. And if anyone asks you any tough questions, you'll know what to say.


  1. I'm thinkin I want a tee-shirt that says that!

  2. cool. i found it really scary at first when i realized just how many things I could never be sure about. something in me always craves permanence. something that will NEVER change. its a futile search. it still makes me worry when it really sinks in how little I can control things. but i think I'm getting used to it.
    yes. i'd like to print that on a business card and hand it out to Sponsees when they ask me ? questions about loft conversions or other ? random queries that I have absolutely NO CLUE about. beats me why they think sponsors should know the answers to all sorts of questions...

  3. I liked that! I am one with #3.

  4. Is it not amazing what we learn just being in those rooms with our ears and hearts open?

  5. That is cool! Great pic! Seems the older we get the less we know. At least we're willing and eager to learn. An open mind is a wonderful thing. Have a great weekend, Syd.

  6. You cracked me up today, Syd. Thank you.

  7. great post dude :-D thanks!!


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