Friday, June 29, 2007

Cleaning things up

I worked on the boat some yesterday. I decided to take a couple of days off because of having spent so much time at sea. So I got a scrub brush and started with the hull, scrubbing away to get rid of any mold. It's in amazing shape and already looks very nice and clean.

It's peaceful to work on something and make it look new or nearly new again. I get such satisfaction out of restoring things. And I take great care of those things that I do have. I suppose it's an appreciation of all the hard work that it takes and once I get it where I want it, I don't want to have to go back over it again and again. Just maintain what you've got and not let it go into decline.

That's the way I see my program as well. I want to take action steps to move forward in restoring myself and not slide backwards. I don't mind going back over the steps since they are really what keep me maintained in a state of sanity and serenity. This is a program of action.


  1. Your boat looks fabulous. When do we get a ride?

    This is a great post. I am having a bit of a struggle right now, and I think you have hit on something that I need to do: maintain and not backslide. Something is bothering me and I'm not sure what. I'm terrible at identifying my emotions -- this one feels like some sort of sadness and I think that is a big danger to me, especially when it comes to taking care of myself.

    Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your project. It looks fun. I think I need a new passion.

  2. aah.. I can hear the ? boat noises from here..
    (I dont know what you call em, but they sound GREAT.)
    You are going to have SUCH a great time with that thing. what a great move. thanks for posting the pic!

  3. The boat in its' surroundings, looks just heavenly! Can you sleep in it? Or is it a boat for sailing only?

  4. WOW! Does she have a name yet?

  5. Oh I love it!! What a beautiful project to work on. Any Names?

  6. Sys,
    What a beauty! Did you think of a name yet? The boat looks new! It's wonderful to find something that you can throw yourself into..heart & soul...everyone needs a passion..we all need a reason to wake up in the morning!
    A lot of people like working on old things....restoring them to their initial beauty! Just like us! We all need a little work..some more than others...but when we're done...we'll be awesome!
    I'll bet you haven't stopped grinning since you got her!
    Happy days ahead!

  7. Guess you won't be giving it the official Champaign bottle crushing to make it official . . . .

    Seems like you are appreciating all the things you have, not only material wise but internally. Taking care of everything all stems from the internal you. Nurturing self and loving self results in many gratitudes.

  8. Very nice boat.
    I hear ya about maintenance.
    I too scrub myself each and every day.

  9. well I hope you manage to tear yourself away from your brand spanking new boat long enough to keep us posted from time to time..

  10. Your boat is beautiful. May you find many peaceful, joyful moments on it. Smooth sailing to you....enjoy

  11. one foot in front of another...nice nice boat...wishing you hours of serenity out there.

  12. So this is when you got the boat.. good for you..

    I think you were learning in al-anon to start doing things for Syd that will make you MOST happy.

    YAY. :)


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