Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hanging on to something for too long

One of the things that stuck in my mind from the meeting today was the idea that we hang onto things for too long. We may hang onto a job that we really don't like hoping that it will improve. We may hang onto possessions that we no longer need, thinking that we might just need them someday. Or we might hang onto relationships hoping that they will eventually develop into the perfect friendship or love.

I don't know about you but I'm guilty of all of the above. I've held onto things because to change course would bring out feelings of abandonment, fear, and guilt. Hoping that things will be better is really like a fantasy. I can conjure up the perfect job and the perfect relationship but deep down I know that there is no such thing. Sometimes it's just easier to think about the fantasy than to act. To take action means that I have to leave the safe place that I think I'm in. I have to be honest and admit to my fears, yet trust in my HP that by taking action, I am moving forward and will have spiritual guidance along the way.

I know that I want to do some house cleaning and not hold onto something or someone because of the comfort that I hope will come again. I simply don't know that I'm any closer to taking action than I was a month or so ago. The fear of the unknown has me blocked and uncertainly is holding me back. My hope is that by working through Step 5, I'll have a clearer understanding of what I really want to do.


  1. Great thoughts. I know though that I've left many things in my life too soon. So it's definitely a balancing act today to ensure I've given it my very best shot and that the majority of the problem isn't me.

    Hang in there.

  2. Oh yea. I have done that many times... maybe this time, it will be differnt, or maybe now, or, what if I try harder... or I can use the program against myself too.. and think I am accepting it as it and forget to do something to change what I can. Alot of times it comes down to fear. Fear of letting go too soon because it all might change and make a huge differnce. I am so so so glad I am not as bad as I was.
    thanks Syd,
    hope all is going good for you

  3. In reading Shannons comment, it reminds me of how often we over analyze things. I'm also guilty of this. I think it may sometimes be a form of manipulation....trying our hardest to make a situation turn out like we want. Good post today Syd....cause it has set me to thinking..(:

  4. i find there are two types. the 'freelancers' who can never stay on one place too long, and the 'comfortable rut' types that say FAR too long. we are all different. i'm the 'rut' type, so i identify!
    did you know step 4 and 5 messes with your head? welll it does. just dont try to figure anything out till AFTER step 5. i'll feel better then.

  5. but it's so hard to let go!!!


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