Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heading back

We are heading back into Savannah. Thankfully, I should be home very late tonight or early in the AM tomorrow. All the dives have been completed and I've gotten all the samples that I need. Building seas are expected for tomorrow so there isn't any sense in staying out.

I'm looking forward to getting back, off the ship and away from all the tensions. I packed up my gear and as soon as we are tied up and the gangway down, I'm leaving.

I don't have to be back out here for another two weeks. I don't mind being at sea but think that there are too many discontented people on board. It makes it hard to stay in positive mode. Today I read a lot from Walk in Dry Places. My room is like a cave--low temperature, dark with no port hole, and when I draw the curtains around the bunk and crawl under the comforter, it's a pleasant feeling of isolation. I know then that I'm back into myself.

Anyway, I read a lot of good stuff from Walk in Dry Places. The reading on Anger-A Dangerous Weapon was particularly relevant. "The trouble with anger, though, is that it's destructive. Once angry we hurt ourselves and we hurt others. Terrible things said in anger leave wounds that never heal, creating problems that lead to more anger."
"The AA program can show us that there is virtually no justification for anger, under any and all circumstances. If we sense it coming on, we have the choice of taking charge of our feelings. If we're angry over another's behavior, we can choose to practice acceptance. "

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  1. Syd,
    I just ordered 'Courage to Change' that Pat recommended.,should get it next week.
    Sounds like 'Walk in Dry Places' is another book I must read. I commend you and Pat for all the help you are giving us. You really don't know how many people you're helping! It takes courage to bare your heart and soul...and in so doing, you are helping so many others. Thanks.


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