Saturday, June 16, 2007

Love letters

The art of writing has almost become non-existent with the widespread use of computers. Still to me there is nothing more powerful than getting a well-written letter from a friend. I can remember having pen pals when I was a kid and I would look so forward to getting those onion skin airmailed letters from England and France. They were better than Christmas presents (almost).

I still like to get cards and letters. Recently, I was going through some old love letters. I've kept them so that I can reread those special words. And they were special words, filled with a lot of passion and love and happiness. My sponsor says that I am a romantic, still wanting to have things be like a honeymoon. I guess that I do idealize relationships. I don't want things to become mundane and mediocre. But it's hard to keep all those electric feelings going over the long haul.

Do you remember what it felt like to have that first kiss from someone that you were attracted to? I can replay that tape again and again and never tire of it. Maybe that is living in the past but it still gives me a charge. Maybe it's impossible to keep that feeling but it's better than any drug or drink that I can think of.

I'm glad that I'm a romantic because it means that there is always that spark glowing inside of me. I know that things change but I'm always willing and ready to try to have that spark ignite into a flame.


  1. It's fun to read some letters from older generations. They write a lot about the weather that morning and the critters running in the yard as they write. Things in the moment.

    I have a handwritten book of poems one of my exs put together for me of the love poetry he wrote over the years we dated. I got it out not too long ago and reread them and laughed at how little the poems had to do with me. They were sweet though. And romantic. It's just funny looking back at the relationship and wondering if he really saw me at all. That was part of why I divorced him.

  2. You know something Syd, I think its that spark of yours we can all see from out here too!
    The written word cannot be replaced no matter how technology is as natural as food and eating,as sleep and bathing.
    The art of communication to another is a profound one.I keep every little note and card Bob has ever given is like opening up history .. I just love that feeling :)

  3. Aww, how sweet is that! For so long I thought that romance was non-existent, and love was meant to hurt...
    You are leading me to believe that I was wrong, and I am so grateful for that today Syd.
    Love and HUGS

  4. I too believe in the power of ink on paper. I have a grandson that lives 250 miles from me. I write him a letter every Monday. He's 8 years old, and has started writting small notes back. It's wonderful.

  5. Syd... I think yo are just trying to make all of us ladies and dAAve) swoon.....


    Yes, there is nothing like being kissed for the first time. And I can remember back in happier days, when my SO asked what I wanted for my birthday, all I ever wanted was a love letter..

    You are a romantic and that is a good thing... Dont change and please keep sharing, you give us all hope!!

  6. Well how fortunate for your little lady that yo are a romantic!

    Yes writing with pen and ink has almost become obsolete. Now we are sending digital e-cards, emails and chats it seems like. I find myself using the tools in the digital world.

    I remember the first time I kissed Mitch. Heck I fantasized about it waaaay before we became a unit. I like to replay that tape in my head over and over again. Makes me smile and feel all warm n fuzzy inside.

    Good thing you kept those letters, to rekindle such a time is priceless.

  7. damn what the hell is romance, we ar to busy.

  8. Ack! My 1st kiss was at a teen dance. It was horrible. As he plunged his tongue down my throat..all I could taste was peanut butter! Turned me off of peanut butter for life.

    My mom read a 'Harlequin Romance' book each day till the age of 82. She said everyone needs a little romance in their life. Without it, life would surely be boring.


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