Saturday, July 7, 2007


I powerwashed the boat today and cleaned out the bilges so that they are spotless. There isn't a single drop of oil or grunge anywhere. As for me, I looked like someone who just crossed the border in a hot box. I didn't look so clean but it's nothing that a good hot shower won't cure.

I worked hard all day and didn't have time to check up on email or how each of you is doing. It seems that Serenity is absorbing all my time lately. I like the double meaning of that. Having serenity absorb my time is a good thing because as I'm working on one type of serenity I'm receiving the other type. It's peaceful and tiring, with progress being made and humility thrown in for good measure.

I am planning on getting back to each of you as soon as possible. I miss you and hope that each of you is doing well.

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