Sunday, July 8, 2007

A lot of birthdays

Tonight is a birthday celebration for several people at the first Al-Anon group that I ever attended. I walked in there when I was at an emotional bottom and tonight I'm going in to celebrate the birthday of the founder of that group.

She is a strong lady who has done a lot for a lot of people. She is also the most controlling person that I know and probably one of the most dominating. She rules that group and has expectations of her sponsees to basically make her their HP. It used to make me very uncomfortable but I've learned over the past few months to just let her do her thing. I'm very glad that she has so many years in the program (nearly 30) and that what she does works. She has a lot of pearls to share when ego isn't in the way. I am accepting of that and take what I like and leave the rest.

I think that there is a dinner for all her sponsees before the main meeting but I'm just going to go to the main discussion. Maybe that's my self will holding me back but I can only take an hour not three hours tonight. I'm happy for the three people who have their birthdays and am glad that I walked into that meeting and have kept going back.


  1. "take what I like and leave the rest" thanks for reminding me of this one. Sometimes I really dont find following a small herd the best thing for me. Sometimes I do. My Sponsor used to say, "I do what makes me feel comfortable" its stuck as something I try to do too... thanks for sharing

  2. what a powerful night you have ahead. have a great time and enjoy life.

  3. I think it's ok to be discriminating with my time...I don't do the large group thing too well either. But I just love the small group talks. Hope you had a great eve.

  4. where are you located? we don't have bithday meetings here, wish we did

    great recovery you have to see that someone with 30 years can be human

  5. just popping in to say hi..

    Hi !

  6. I am still strugling with making my way in al-anon and often find any excuse I can to avoid going. Thank you for sharing your positivie experience and the reminder to "take what I like..."

    Hope the birthday celebrations were enjoyable!!


  7. Hope you had a great, great time Syd. I'm glad you walked into that meeting, too! ;-)

  8. It's good you are able to find some positive in that woman to make things bearable for you. I guess that is a case of changing the things you can.

    Your boat still sounds like a terrific project for your peace of mind. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

  9. syd,
    sounds like you're more accepting of people with their own agenda's. That's good.....and I like the attitude, take what you like and leave the rest.Life is truly a learning experience and keeping an open mind is where we grow.
    Have a good time. Looks like you're getting more serenity in your life.

  10. What freedom there is in being able to love a person with flaws and all!


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