Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lonely but not Alone

I've spent most of my life feeling apart. I've come to realize that many people in recovery, whether AA or Al-Anon, have felt this same way. Some days it borders on getting stuck in self pity to be lonely while on others I find that I revel in just being by myself.

The difference is that I know that I'm not alone anymore. I have my friends in the program, family who care, and my HP. So even though I may want companionship at times, I know that I can reach out now to others and there will be a friendly voice or a kind smile. Most importantly though, I can just be with myself and be satisfied. I'm finding that I'm not afraid of loneliness or loss as I was when I was a child. That's a big step for me.


  1. Syd,
    There is a big difference in being lonely and being alone. I treasure my time alone like a miser. I enjoy my own company. There is a time for being social and a time for being comfortable in our own skin.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You look peaceful. Happy HNT I forgot... when I get home later I will have to post a pic. : )
    good to see ya (((HUGS)))

  3. I think being in the program and the knowledge that no matter where I am, I will never be alone again has been the greatest gift I have ever received. It made me free to be myself, at last. I still like being alone quite a bit of the time, but it isn't because that is my only option.

  4. I love time on my own nowadays. Its a choice thesedays. I used to be very lonely, even amongst a crowd. Sometimes I have to force myself to stay in on my own. I forget how much I love it until I do it. Its really fab to have the choice. Loneliness is still something I feel sometimes, but its not something I have to suffer, when I recognise that its loneliness am feeling, I do something about it. Am grateful there is a solution.

  5. I love your photos... and my alone time.

  6. I too love my alone time. Usually for me....when I'm's because I'm kind of tired of just my own company and I need some loving input from others.

  7. "I've spent most of my life feeling apart".

    How did we get this way, Syd? I could not have expressed it any better.

  8. I am glad that you are discovering this. You have so much to offer with your soul, and by allowing yourself to exist with others, to be loved and loved back, well you offer peace and tranqulity to many lives (your included :)

  9. I had a very lonely childhood and pics like this always remind me of it.
    I am alone in my house today for the first time in eons.
    And I'm not lonely anymore.


  10. how are you? are you still standing on your boat gazing at the beautiful sea????
    Happy Monday

  11. it was a wonderful day when I noticed the difference between alone and lonely

    and now with God in my life, I am never really alone


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