Sunday, July 29, 2007

Off Watch

I spent last night and today on my sailboat. It was a good learning experience, especially when I anchored in too close to shore and the tide went out. I felt things begin to slide during the night and looked out the hatch to see that the boat was keeled over and we were high and dry. Sleeping at an angle against the bulkhead isn't very comfortable. But by dawn the tide had come in and the boat and I were on an even keel.

I stayed on an even keel the rest of today. I swam to shore, walked on the beach and generally enjoyed having the island to myself. That ended around 11 AM when other boaters showed up and soon there were about 50 people drinking beer, playing frisbee and otherwise enjoying the nice day. I decided to head back under sail, so I put up the jib and headed back. I was sailing against the current so it took a while. I enjoyed every minute of it though.

I'm thankful for staying on an even keel myself today in spite of the ebbs that occurred. I'm also grateful for smooth sailing even against the current. Funny how taking it slow and easy felt just right. Even salmon swim upstream for a reason.


  1. good post syd. sounds wonderful.

  2. Was that you I saw as I spent another lazy day at the beach yesterday? I wish........the ocean and all it's wonder and power bring me such serenity even if I am surrounded by crazy people.

    Thanks so much for sharing..
    I think I am going to try staying on an even keel today too!

  4. I love how you write about the current and being able to hold gratitude for going against it. Very serene.

  5. sounds amazing, am glad you write it down for us :)


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