Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm still thinking about the wonders of this past weekend and couple of days off. Taking the boat into the historic creek in the photo above was fun and the sunset was wonderful. I can still hear the loud sounds of the thousands of birds on the sand bar rookery. They were having a party all night long. It's mating season so I'm sure there were cries of ecstasy. But after listening to them for most of the night, I have to say that they have stamina that is baffling, cunning, and powerful.

I'm in bad need of a night at home and early to bed. Today I'm catching up on things at the office but have a student's thesis to work on tomorrow and a lot of other work to do as well. I don't think that I'll make my Al-Anon meeting tonight since it would mean another late night for me. I am sleep deprived and worn out.

One of the sharings at the Al-Anon meeting last night was about hyperactivity. I could relate to those times when I tried to cram as much into my day as I could in order to avoid the feeling of emptiness. Now, I still stay busy but it's a much more healthy, energetic feeling that overtakes me now. It's a feeling of passion for the things that I do. So I'm going to take some time to rest, breathe, catch up, and chill out. My motto this week is to Keep It Simple. I think that by doing that, I'll be ready to tackle whatever comes my way for the rest of the week.


  1. Wow! That pic looks like a painting! It's beautiful. I live a very busy life as well, but at least 2 nights a week, I shut her down. Grab a book and head for bed early. Nothing like a good sleep to give you a fresh outlook on life.

  2. 'action not activity' was the term i heard to describe the difference between habitual busyness and concious ? involvement.
    LOVELY pic. Cool.

  3. Hi Syd,

    Geez will you be able to teach classes of this experience you are taking part in? I promise I will be a good student! :) The class of syd and zen, hehee.

    Take care of your soul, well, keep on doing so cuz you are already.


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