Monday, July 2, 2007


Today I completed stepping the mast and got the boat into it's location in the yard. I also put oil on the teak and got some supplies. The teak was dry and really needed oiling. It is amazing to see the difference in the wood after having oiled it. It just soaked up the oil and now glows with a nice patina.

At my meeting last night, we discussed Step Seven--Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. The key for me to this is to think about humility which is acceptance of myself and others and also having honesty about myself. I can think think about my shortcomings with true honesty. My sponsor told me that he had a list of around 70 shortcomings. I think through my Step Four work, I have found my major shortcomings. They are numerous but not overwhelming. I don't feel blocked by them or ill at ease about them. I know that they will be removed as I continue with my program. I'm willing to give up my shortcomings and defects. I'm willing to be the best person that I can be with the help of my HP.

It's like the old dry wood. I'm receiving something soothing that will put the necessary nourishment back into me so that I can be soothed and smooth. I learn something new about myself at every meeting I attend. I am grateful for this program.


  1. Shortcomings are interesting...I like to see my progress from them over time but you can bet days come along where they bite me in the ass again..right out of no where..and that's when I too need to regroup my own customized programing.It sounds like you know what works for you and I appreciate you sharing here Syd :)

  2. Yep. well there are a lot of messed up people that go to meetings. if i didnt 'stick with the winners' i would go a bit mad. but then we have 550 odd meetings to choose from a week. yeah some people drive me nuts, but i give em a wide berth as much as possible. thats the easiest thing. much better than grinding ones teeth!
    I think you are going through a bit of a testing period. thats ok. something has to give. either the situation has to change or you need to find a way of not letting it get to you. one or the other. My favorite place to hang out would be with monastery types as they are soooo chilled out. they make EVERYONE else, including myself, look very neurotic. ah well. no plans to join one, so i wil just have to learn to be patient with the 'civilians' in the meantime..

  3. I appreciate your very healthy non-self bonding perception about your shortcomings. You have a belief that they will not be a part of you forever, what a positive outlook. Makes for a healthy you.

  4. For me, this is where I am going for progress not perfection. Or at least reminding myself that's what my goal is. I'm very good at finding my flaws and beating myself up over them, no matter how anyone else would evaluate the gravity of them.

  5. So many of my character defects are my assets gone a bit wild. Its good to get things into perspective. And thank God they don't all show up at once in a day.

    Happy 4th

    Its nice to see you woking on a hobby--


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