Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Animal noises

It was hard for me to get to a meeting on this trip because of being on the road so much. I took my reading material with me and was able to do those daily readings and think about the context of my situation. Another great thing though was having a number of downloads for my IPod. The Joe and Charlie Big Book Study series was great to listen to. I’ve listened to this series before but I never tire of hearing it again. Both of these guys are funny and great story tellers. They present the BB in an entertaining but didactic manner. After about 8 hours of listening to them, I feel totally immersed in the BB.

They also tell some jokes that include Al-Anons. One of them goes like this:

An AA, an Al-Anon and an AlAteen were traveling. They needed directions and stopped at a farm house. The farmer said that it would be fine for them to spend the night since it was late and they would travel better in the morning when it was light. The only problem was that there was room for only two of them in the house and one would have to sleep in the barn with the animals. So the alcoholic volunteered to go to the barn. After an hour, there was a knock on the door and the alcoholic stood there looking forlorn. The alcoholic said, “I can’t sleep for all the mooing, grunting, crowing, and neighing. I need to move to the house to get some sleep.” The AlAteen then spoke up and said, “I’ll go to the barn and sleep with the animals. I like animals and won’t have a problem at all.” After about an hour, there was a knock at the door and the AlAteen stood there looking very tired and said, “I can’t sleep for all the mooing, grunting, crowing, and neighing. I need to move to the house to get some sleep.” So the Al-Anon stepped forward and said, “ I knew that I would be the one to go out there and deal with all of this. I’ll gladly go to the barn.” After about an hour, there was a knock at the door. The farmer thought “What now?” Upon opening the door and looking out, the farmer saw all the chickens, cows, horses, and pigs standing there looking back at him.

I have to laugh at how many portray Al-Anons. I finally am getting the fact that in recovery there is nothing more powerful than a long-time Al-Anon. For me, I guess that I would have just laid down amongst the animals and been put to sleep by their animal noises. Live and let live.


  1. That's a good one, live & let live.

  2. Thanks for lending me your support, it means a lot during these first couple of days. Have an peaceful day

  3. ooh LOL that is funny.. I love Joe and Charlie! Have a great day Syd

  4. LOL daave.. you are a silly one... ahahah I love it

  5. cool story, I don't really know what traits al-anons are supposed to have, my understanding of the joke is that we put up with loads of crap..sorry if I have missed the point.

  6. Not sure what the joke means, but I never took to Charlie and Joe. Or any of the AA members who circulate recordings of their talks. Too much ego for my tastes. Besides they never compared very well to the old timers I knew in the first 10 years of my recovery, so they are always a bit disappointing. Mind you I listened to some Don Cohys tapes in my first year to help me get to sleep, and he seemed alright. Easier to listen to. The other ones always make me cringe..

  7. I like the story, but I dont get what the al-anon did ? What did he do ? I liked listening to Clancy tapes, especially "disease of perception" and "get in the boat", havent heard Joe and Charlie

  8. I've been hearing some about AlAnon reputation lately---its sad how some have used recovery AT their loved ones. Hopefully some of us will be a better example.

    I haven't read or heard about Joe and Charlie for some time--glad it was helpful to you at a time you're missing your meetings. There aren't any meetings where you go?

  9. I think that the story is that the Al-Anon took care of the Al-Anon and rousted the animals out. In Al-Anon, we're told to keep the focus on ourselves and to take care of ourselves. I think that this was a joke about how well recovered Al-Anons do take care of themselves. Not sure but that is my interpretation.

    There are lots of jokes about Al-Anons. I don't take offense because I realize that in some cases there is just a lack of understanding on the part of alcoholics. In no way do I use my recovery against another. I use my recovery for me.

  10. I am an iPOD podcast but. I will recoomend Sobercasting.org Speakers. Listen to:

    Dr. Paul O fm Laguna Niguel, CA

    OMG he has so much humor and often talks about his Al-Anon love. I plus in every morning at work, a great way to start my mornings off -- to work and get the message of someones ESH. Sometimes I have to walk away cuz I find myself laughing so loud.

    Anyhow you can subscribe to such Podcast and place them on your iPOD, it is good for the soul!

    Joe and Charlie rock!

  11. Soberchick said it: "Joe and Charlie rock!"

    I'll 2nd thsat one. Thier 4th step series helped me ALOT.

    Keep working it my friend, you're right where you're supposed to be.


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