Saturday, September 22, 2007

Go see the 11th Hour

I went to see the movie the 11th Hour last night. If you get a chance, go see this documentary. It was excellent and provided compelling documentation of what our consumerism and reliance on fossil fuels are doing to us. I say us, because the point was made that the planet will survive but it is unlikely that we will survive the consequences of our actions if things continue as they are. It is likely that a few species will survive as well and things will essentially revert back to the way that they were before man dominated.

Yet, there is hope for us. But it's going to require massive changes in behavior and political clout to move us away from our dependence on fossil fuel. Alternative energy sources such as the sun and wind, as well as green buildings were discussed. Perhaps I'm not at my most optimistic point but I don't see how massive changes will occur unless the political process takes a stand to do something on a global scale.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I'm taking my wind powered vessel out today for an overnight trip. It's a nice day here with low humidity and the rain last night made things clean and clear this morning. I'm looking forward to a day of chilling out, reading and walking on the beach. There are many unspoiled areas still around here and the island that I anchor near is one of them. It used to have a light house on it but that light house is now disconnected from the mainland due to erosion of the island on the ocean side. Still, it's a beautiful place to visit---no houses, just the forest and the beach.

I hope that each of you has a great day.


  1. thanks for the 11th Hour tip, sounds right up my street, have a good weekend!

  2. mmmh...your overnight trip sounds like and excellent idea! Wish I could take a similar trip.

  3. yep. It sounds like a good one. a bit scary! The boat trip sounds idyllic!

  4. sounds like a lovely sail

    keepin' it green in more ways that one is always sound advice!

  5. I really believe that if we all made simple changes - things would really change. It seems we don't have the will for it - we are waiting for a politician to come and tell us what to do.

    Wooops. That's pretty political for me today. Sorry.

  6. Hey Syd...catching up on my blog stalking today, good for me !
    Sailing...good for you !
    Love ya...

  7. enjoy your boat trip. see you when you get back...

  8. I know! This fossil fuel thing is depressing. As long as Bush is in office, things won't change. I'm hoping the world will be full someday of people in recovery, that are getting a social conscious, & will demand a change from our politicians. But right now, it looks pretty gloomy, the corporations rule! That needs to change. I don't think there will be enough of a change to make a difference in our time. But, as Bob Dylan sang it, "The Times, They Are A Changing" & they are. More & more people see thru the BS & the truth shall prevail!

  9. You should watch guiest qiuest, or something like that, I don't recall the exact name, but it's close to that. It reveals alot of what is really going on, & it's scary!!! More people need to know, so we can call these politicians on their BS, & bring the corporations down.


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