Friday, September 21, 2007

The 11th Hour

I'm going to see the movie documentary "The 11th Hour" tonight. The local premiere is being hosted by a conservation group.

I'm interested to see this film since I work in a field that deals with marine environmental issues. There are some experts who voice their opinions about the state of the environment. It will be interesting to hear about the creative solutions that they suggest. I personally am very concerned about what we are doing to the planet. I almost feel at times that the problem is so overwhelming that there is no chance of making right all that we are doing wrong. Species are disappearing, water quality is declining, the climate is changing, and the list goes on and on.

For me, the changes to the estuaries and oceans are most dramatic. Because of increased fishing pressure, many fish stocks are in decline. The blue crab which was so prevalent during my youth in Chesapeake Bay has been declining for years. The oyster population in the Bay has long been decimated due to poor water quality and disease.

I like to be optimistic but based on what I've seen I wonder if there is any hope of positive changes to the planet. Maybe the film will provide some glimmer of that. I think that a new mindset will have to occur before the pendulum will swing toward recovery of the ecosystem.


  1. I like that you are a fish man Syd.
    And I like that you carry hope -
    right across the board.
    Add that to your passion for life
    well..I think you are by far part of our solition by just being who you are and where you are today Syd.I know the globe is in trouble but when we live true to ourselves I think we are far more open to creative solutions and HOPE.

  2. I would like to see the scientists of the world have a voice that people can hear and take to heart in their own communities. It bothers me a great deal, that most people seem to think our governments can change our climate issues. It's going to take the People to do the changing or adapting. It's frustrating to me, that folks hear a politician or (god forbid)movie star talk about earth/water/air problems, and they immediatly think the government should fix it. But we need to hear what people of science have to say directly, and then take action as human inhabitants of this place.

  3. I know that everyone would like to improve the world we live in..but we need to know how to do it. We need people like you to let us know what we can do as consumers to change it. We are open to solutions...someone has to point the way.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. LOL, Tab. Fish man. Makes me think of Aquaman.

    The things we do to the environment depress me. Even things as simple as watching young kids thoughtlessly tossing food wrappers on the ground. It just is upsetting how many people don't care even to do the minimum, never mind the enormous amount that needs to be done to reverse things.

    Hope. Sometimes that's the only thing to get you out of bed each day.

  5. I'm not optimistic as to the future as I think we have just burned one too many bridges. The good options have narrowed critically. Oh well. Its still my job to try and be as helpful as I can, and enjoy life in the meantime.
    At the same time. It IS possible to be at peace with the whole thing. Worry does not help anybody. There are many tragic realities in the world, but we have to, on the one hand, accept, and on the other, go to any lengths to to the next right thing. It is possible to do both at the same time.
    I like Ken Wilbers you tube talk on activism and helping others seen through the lens of non duality on

  6. please please please let there be a plan to heal this planet. we are buggering up the environment and animals and resources on a daily basis, and it feels to me like there's no-one out there who cares. and the things that are being done to fix and control the damage takes second place to financial profit.


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